So, if you didn’t already know, Burger Theory (‘The Creative Burger People’) are currently doing a kitchen takeover pop-up at Kong’s on King Street.


The founders, Rory and Ollie have already been doing the rounds at various food and music festivals, pop-ups and street food events since they started out three years ago and are currently at their temporary home from April 4th – May 1st. I popped down on a Monday evening for my dinner and was very excited about trying one of their burger creations.


Kong’s is a trendy venue situated on the cobbles of King Street. Slightly different than its neighbouring pubs and bars, Kong’s is a gamer’s paradise, with Table foosball, Ping-Pong and arcade games all on offer. It was busy when I arrived with groups of friends sitting and enjoying some of the many beers they have on selection behind the bar there. Coupled with a relaxed atmosphere and the sound of people battling it out on the Ping-Pong table, the venue is a great match for the Burger Theory boys and their pop-up kitchen.


I grabbed myself a beer and got friendly with the menu. These guys really have put a lot of time and thought into their burgers, and it shows. The menu is varied and everything on it sounds delicious, there are beef, chicken, crab and vegetarian options – all done with a slight twist and flair that I have not seen in other burger places for a while. I was also particularly impressed that there were quite a few vegetarian options for the non-meat eater. Luckily for me, Rory (one half of Burger Theory) came to join me for a chat and I decided to pick his brains on what he thought I should choose.


Rory explained that the main philosophy behind Burger Theory is one of ‘Keeping it Local’. A big theme amidst Bristol’s food scene, it’s a subject particularly close to my heart. I’ve always had a keen interest to know where the food on my plate comes from. At Burger Theory, all of the meat is sourced from one contact and is 100% British certified. The bread? Sourced from Joe’s Bakery on Gloucester Road! Vegetables? They come from a local supplier! Dairy products are sourced from Ashton Farms. Rory and Ollie believe fresher is better and I couldn’t agree more with them.


After much deliberation, we finally ordered from the menu! Chicken wings with Franks hot sauce and blue cheese to start with, ‘The Don’ burger (that’s beef, pepperoni, bacon, garlic, oregano and a chili patty with pizza sauce and melted mozzarella), ‘The Hairy Beast’ (a burger of epic proportions with beef, jalapeno and chorizo burger, southern fried chicken breast, crispy bacon, melted cheddar, franks hot sauce and blue cheese dressing). Throw in some fries with four kinds of cheese (gruyere, stilton, parmesan and cheddar) and I was ready to get burger on!


The chicken wings arrived first and were packed full of flavour. These might even be some of the tastiest wings I have had in a very long time. The combination of the hot sauce and blue cheese worked wonderfully together and there was just the right amount of kick to them without it being too overpowering (Rory later apologised for not bringing cutlery out but these were the finger licking good type of wings!).


The main event followed with the burgers arriving. ‘The Don’ was incredibly juicy and tasted really fresh. It gained extra points as not once did the burger threaten to fall apart in my hands. I hate it when burgers leave me in a culinary mess! The burger bun itself was nice and soft too. Now, let’s talk patty. It filled the bun perfectly leaving little room for movement. What’s more, the patty was topped with a generous portion of pepperoni. YUM! There was just enough pizza sauce and mozzarella for me to enjoy without taking away from the burger flavour.


I also tried some of the chicken from The ‘Hairy Beast’ which was simply delicious. The southern fried chicken breast was juicy and the coating crispy and flavoursome. So much so that I believe on my next visit I will be ordering the ‘Prairie Girl’, a chicken burger on the menu which Rory informed me was a popular choice. The ‘four cheese fries’ were a welcome accompaniment to the meal, and were so much more than just ‘cheesy chips’. The fries were coated all over rather than just a layer of cheese on top and I was eating the remainder of the cheese that was left at the end as it was so moreish. I was highly impressed with the meal and definitely did not leave Kong’s hungry. I most certainly will be back to visit again soon and sample another delight from the menu.


If you like burgers and looking for a generous portion of locally sourced food. Then Burger Theory is the place for you! These guys are amazing creatives who feed people in the right way. Get in there whilst Rory and Ollie are still in the kitchen!