2017 is fast approaching… and we’re really excited about it! We know December is one of the busiest times of year for the food and drink industry, but we like to plan ahead at Foozie, so we’ve pulled together our tops tips for creating a marketing masterplan for 2017.


Planning how you will grow your business, attract new customers and set your brand apart from the competition is a vital activity; especially in a city as vibrant as Bristol. With some early planning and preparation, you can create a marketing masterplan that will boost sales in the slow, early months of the year and create some exciting campaigns that will ignite your summer months like never before.



When planning for the year ahead, do exactly that; plan for the year. Think about where you want to be and what you want to achieve in 6 and 12 months. By doing this, you give yourself time to think, plan and create innovative strategies to achieve your goals. Once you have your 6-12 month objectives in place, you can break them down into achievable, monthly campaigns that your whole team can be a part of. And if you want your team to be super invested, bring them into the planning sessions. Hold a breakfast morning or after works drink where they can input their ideas.



Bristol has a thriving food and drink scene with several new openings almost every week, so there’s a lot of noise out there. Being creative, inspiring and interesting when promoting your business is more important than ever.


Video content for social media has been huge in 2016 and will be ever bigger in 2017. 20-30 second video content can be used to showcase the very best of your business, promote a big event you have planned or even a new, seasonal menu.


Facebook Live, like video content, will set businesses apart in 2017. Those businesses using it well could see huge lifts in facebook followers and subsequent conversions. But it does need to be done properly; shaky phone cameras, bad audio and unplanned dialog will have the adverse effect.



Loyalty cards and lunch specials are great, but it’s time to think of more interesting and compelling ways to entice customers in 2017.


Coming back to your 2017 plan, create a series of offers, incentives and prizes that you can provide that work with your monthly events and campaigns. Take advantage of social media and create exciting campaigns that will drive lots of engagement and shares to maximise the impact and ROI.


Consistency is key here; try and make the incentives monthly and/or quarterly so that they become anticipated social media events that yield great results.


Seasons & Celebrations

Most good businesses will have a seasonal menu, offers and incentives; but think about how you can use them in different ways. Think about what the different seasons signify and how you can relate this to your business and your marketing strategies.


For example, in winter you should create content that uses warming, wintery colours with relaxing copy, while your summer content should be bright, bold and all about fun and refreshing activities. There is so much scope to create adventurous marketing content throughout all of the seasons, that it needs to be factored into your strategy.
Plan for celebration days such as Valentine’s Day, Fathers Day, Mothers Day and Halloween way in advance so that you have time to create awesome promotional material and campaigns to support them. There’s always so much competition for these dates, so staying ahead of the game is essential.


Events & Festivals

Hosting unique events is one of the best ways of promoting your business to new and existing customers. Events give you an opportunity to showcase the best of your business and the personalities within it by creating fun concepts that allow you to be creative. Hosting regular events will also provide you with a huge amount of online activity and engagement, as well as opportunities for customer incentives.


Bristol is the city of festivals, so there is bound to be a number of festivals that you can get involved in. Bristol Food Connections, for instance, is one of the biggest food festivals in the UK and invites businesses to participate in unique and exciting ways.



Collaborating with great, local businesses can significantly strengthen your brand. By partnering with another bar, restaurant, pop-up or finding an events partner, you can create bigger events/campaigns, share the workload, reduce the financial risk and support each other with cross-platform promotion.


Choose to collaborate with businesses that have strong brand reputations of their own. Look at their social media following, demographic and ensure that the partnership with work for both parties.


Think Foozie

We want to help! We know that you’ll have tonnes of great ideas of how to grow your business, but time and resources can put them on the back burner and ultimately never come to fruition. We will work closely with you to make your vision a reality. Our talented team love nothing more than creating interesting and quirky marketing campaigns and events to keep you and your customers excited.


When it comes to events, social media, video, facebook live and collaboration ideas, you’re in safe hands. Hit us up!