They have 100+ tasty food deals EVERY DAY!

You can save serious $ on the Wriggle app. From vegi breakfasts to ramen lunches and steak dinners – it’s all on there!



They champion independents

It’s good to know where your money is going and Wriggle only offers deals with local, independent businesses.



Their awesome videos

Follow them on Facebook for some serious food porn.


They’re a lovely bunch

I mean, look at them!


They have their own beer

Not currently available, but we’re informed that it will be back in a bar near you very soon.


You can get awesome foodie deals in Cardiff and Brighton

Perfect if you’re heading out of town



Now you can even get discounts on local events

You’ll find gin clubs, burger brunches and even comedy night



So there you have it! To get in on the action, download the Wriggle app here


*this is not a sponsored post, we just love Wriggle and think you will too!