Is there anything better in life than really good chicken wings? Not really, no.


In Bristol, we’ve got a fair few establishments with them on offer – us chicken lovers just cant seem get enough of dem WANGS.


Imagine if there was a way that we could all get delicious, juicy wings delivered to us at home? I mean, that would be the dream right?



Well guys, it’s happening – as a new Bristol delivery service called ‘Wing It’ has just launched in Bristol. THANK CLUCK.


The menu seems to offer endless amazing wings combinations, choose from plain, BBQ, deluxe, jerk, maple syrup, piri piri and sriracha to name a few. There are dips you can also choose from and if you aren’t a fan of eating chicken from the bone, then you can also select boneless wings too. Portions come in 5, 8 or 12 wings and you can also choose from a classic or premium side and drink.



Now the sides – my god they look banging. Jerk BBQ fries, plain and simple cheesy dirty fries, mozzarella sticks and even buttery mash. Honestly, Saturday nights in will never be the same again!






With the poultry being sourced by Bristol’s Ruby & White, you know the produce is of quality. Wing It are now live on Uber Eats, so make sure you check out their website here and place an order. Don’t cluck about.