With so many pizzerias to choose from, finding the best pizza in Bristol can be quite the task. Contesting for the same title, this amount of competition begs the question of how can a pizzeria stay one step ahead? By keeping it different, that’s how! Every venue seems to have a ‘nduja sausage’ special and a rare Italian cheese, but some have taken things one step further in a bid to challenge and delight our taste buds. Here are just a few of the weird and wonderful pizzas for dough-lovers in Bristol!

The Stable – The Lamb Roast

With marinated Dorset lamb, fresh mint, thyme roasted sweet potatoes. Perfect for those moments when you can’t decide between a roast dinner and a pizza. Try the ‘one potato, two potatoes’ vegan option – this has both traditional and sweet potato roasties.

Bambalan – Middle Eastern Flatbread Pizzas

Here you will find many diners Googling their ingredients such as sumac (a lemony spice) and Sobrassada (raw cured Balearic sausage).  Try the vegetarian grilled aubergine with halloumi, hazelnuts and za’atar (Middle Eastern spice blend including sumac, thyme and sesame seeds).  To mix it up even more, opt for adding garlic yoghurt or smoked chilli sauce, delicious!

Romanesca – Cavolo Nero

Even the dough is different here at Romanesca! Pizza al taglio is a slowly fermented high hydration dough that is supposedly easier to digest than sourdough. Much harder to work with, this type of dough is well worth the extra effort! With a light and airy base, we recommend the cavolo nero pizza with malted baby beets, freschella, caramelised red onions, fior di latte, and cavolo nero.

Pi shop – Roasted Courgettes & Pickled Flowers with Ewe’s Curd, Rocket, and Mint

Always one for unusual flavour combinations, their speciality pizzas change frequently.  For those of you after a pretty pizza for your Instagram account, try one with flowers on!

Beerd –The Twiglet

The pizza that divides! Chosen by one of their customers as part of a monthly competition, Beerd allows customers to come up with a recipe to which they choose which one makes it onto their menu for the month. Topped with marmite, cheese, grilled chicken, and onion, we will leave you to make up your own mind on this one. Beerd also embraces the Bristol beer and BBQ craze with toppings such slow cooked brisket and gem ‘ale’ chipotle sauce.

Flour and Ash – Ox Cheek and Red Wine Ragu

A posh topping from the pizza house famous for their huge sourdough bases and homemade ice-cream, this one’s for the special and romantic moments! There are lots of exciting vegan options to explore too.

Zero Degrees – Dessert pizzas

Mascarpone pizza (caramelised figs, mascarpone, balsamic syrup, pistachio, maple sauce and vanilla ice cream) and Pecan pie with salted caramel pizza.  Of course, we had to finish this pizza round-up with dessert. Here at Zero Degrees, pizza lovers can follow their pizza with pizza! Why not?

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