We are completely spoilt for choice when choosing where to eat our next burger or pizza but when it comes to Vietnamese and Korean food… there are barely any options in Bristol. I was thrilled to hear about the new Vietnamese street food café in town, more specifically, in The Arcade (Broadmead) so my partner and I headed over after a long shopping day to give them a try. My expectations were high as I have been to Vietnam before; safe to say, I was not disappointed and have since returned multiple times!



Before we even walked in, their signature ‘eat, sleep, roll, repeat’ neon sign caught my eye from the window– oh so insta-worthy! When we entered, we were immediately greeted by their friendly staff carrying wide smiles. Much to my delight, their menu includes everything from fresh Pho and bánh mì to buns and Gỏi cuốns. All of the dishes comes with either prawn, chicken, beef or tofu. You can choose to pair your food with sweet Vietnamese coffee, bubble tea or drinks from their mini fridge.



A hearty, comforting, steam-up-your-glasses bowl of Vietnamese noodle soup is always a good idea, but it is especially welcome this time of year, when the weather is freezing cold. Therefore, my partner went for the traditional beef pho (pronounced ‘”fuh”). I decided to mix it up and ordered the BBQ chicken bun (cold rice noodles). We also got the Gỏi cuốns (aka summer rolls) to share. The pho came steaming hot and smelt incredible. A side plate of beansprout, lime and chilli was provided in case he wanted to add a little something extra to his dish (so thoughtful!). Next came my bun, which looked and tasted very flavorsome as it was made up of many ingredients. The fish sauce came in separate pots so I could pour, mix and taste at the same time. You have your sweet bits, sour bits, caramelization, some crunch and aromatic herbs in a single, colourful arrangement (ideal!). My partner finished his entire bowl (even the broth – which was the perfect way to get warm quick) before I even started mine (too busy taking pictures!). Finally, our summer rolls arrived and looked sensational. They were packed with vermicelli noodles, carrots, beansprout, herbs, prawns and accompanied by a sweet dipping sauce. Not only were they delightful but you could tell all of the ingredients used were extremely fresh.


If you fancy authentic Vietnamese food and something warming or light and fresh, then Rollin Vietnamese is a great spot to grab a quick lunch or dinner (they close at 7pm!) at a reasonable price. Ps, they have a huge variety of bubble tea flavours!