With the recent rise in popularity of viral food porn, it seems to us that people cannot get enough of watching restaurants come up with crazy creations. What is better, is if we can coax a friend into trying them, and watching them struggle (teehee).


Here are some of Bristol’s most bad ass, over the top, full on eating challenges – reckon you could get stuck in?

96oz Steak

Where? The Ashville

Address: 15 Leigh Street, Bristol BS3


This 96oz beast is not for the faint hearted. This eating challenge comes with a choice of 10 sides, from which you have to choose 5 from. Eat it all within an hour and you are golden, if not – you’re footing the bill.



Death Wings

Where? The Hobgoblin

Address: 69-71 Gloucester Road, Bristol BS7


Eat seven of these chicken wings in seven minutes and you will be king of the birds. But beware, the clue is in the name.



The Grand Champion BBQ Challenge

Where? Grillstock

Address: 41 The Triangle, Clifton 


Plenty of pulled pork, beef brisket, half a chicken, a full rack of baby back ribs, wings, mac ‘n’ cheese, chilli cheese fries, house pickles and coleslaw. Holy Shit.


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The High Priest Challenge Burger

Where? VoodooQ

Address: 185 Gloucester Road, Bristol BS7


This monster burger is made up of four 8oz beef patties, topped with bacon, cheese, chilli, pork and brisket. It comes served with a bucket of fries, pickles and coleslaw and if you eat it within the hour, you are king.


The Monster Mega Breakfast Challenge

Where? The Corner Cafe, Portishead

Address: 166 High Street, Portishead BS20


Just a cheeky breakfast with a whopping 59 items on it! Plus toast. Everyone loves toast.



The Fallout Challenge

Where? Atomic Burger

Address: 189 Gloucester Road, Bristol BS7


You know something has to be pretty serious when you have to sign a disclaimer before eating it! You get a triple 6oz beef, chicken or veggie burger, triple American cheese, triple onion rings, triple Fallout sauce and then a triple portion of chilli fries for if you have room. You are given 45 minutes to eat it all. Good luck with that.


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The Flaming Air Challenge

Where? The Air Balloon, Filton

Address: 115 Gloucester Road, Bristol BS34


There are four crazy ass challenges to choose at The Air Ballon, but eating an entire loaf has to be the most mental. The Mother Clucker see’s a whole buttered brioche, packed with six chicken strips, two fried chicken fillets, six smoky bacon rashers, cheese slices, lettuce, BBQ sauce, coleslaw and a large portion of chips. Boom.


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