Anyone that knows me well knows my love of fried chicken has no bounds. And when I eat fried chicken I want it to feel naughty, filthy and damn right dirty! I don’t know if anyone can resist a thick piece of chicken, tossed in a beautifully seasoned flour and cooked until it’s perfectly golden, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside… that’s pure unadulterated bliss right there.


I love it in all shapes and sizes, I don’t discriminate. Eating it is just absolutely euphoric and I just can’t get enough of it.


For those of you who suffer with the same thirst for chicken, I have created a list of of my favourite places to get my fix of this fried delight.


Wings Diner

Address: Small Bar Bristol, King Street


Making big waves amongst the fried chicken scene within Bristol is Asian inspired Wings Diner, who recently have taken up permanent residency at Small Bar. I mean, chicken and beer – it’s the dream right?! These buttermilk chicken pieces are seriously delicious and a strong contender for some of the best in the city. The dirty fries are also a must order!

Oowee Diner

Address: North Street & Picton Street 


They serve some devilishly good chicken burgers. My go-to is the hot chick – buttermilk fried chicken thigh, dipped in buffalo hot sauce, grilled American cheese and a blue cheese sauce. OR get their cluckin fries, it’s a box full of crispy fries topped with, chicken, melted cheese and gravy. Crispy, meaty, cheesy goodness need I say more!



Burger Theory

Address: 37-38 St Stephens Street, BS1


Serving two insane chicken burgers that will blow your mind. However, if I had to choose I would go for the prairie girl – southern fried chicken breast, hot sauce, blue cheese dressing and/or BBQ sauce. It’s just so damn naughty, but too hard to resist! Our editor Nat is a big fan of this one also.




Address: Cargo, Wapping Wharf 


When you’re here, get one of their korean fried chicken bao and stick it in your mouth. With the added treat of kimchi and Gochujang tucked inside it, these baos provide a real taste explosion.



Ramen Ya

Address: 61 Gloucester Road, BS7


Where I come to experience my Asian chicken fantasies. You must have their chicken curry set consisting of a rich Japanese curry with a deep fried chicken breast. Then get the kara age chicken which is marinated in soy, sake and ginger. I would definitely describe this chicken as salty and satisfying.




Address: 90 Colston Street, BS1


Their Pollo Libre chicken burger is an absolute beauty. They marinate their chicken thigh in buttermilk to make it even more succulent, and then they smother it in chunky guacamole, chipotle mayo and sandwich it in between a sesame bun. I needed to calm myself down after writing that one!



Rice & Things

Address: 120 Cheltenham Road, BS6


A Bristolian institution, where you know you are going to get a good serving of Jamaican comfort food. Their fried chicken with rice and peas is simply incredible and delicious.



Happy Bird

Address: 8c Clifton Down Shopping Centre, Whiteladies 


Whilst still new to Bristol, Happy Bird is establishing its chicken offering within the city, offering both fried chicken burgers and healthier options. They also sometimes run BOTTOMLESS CHICKEN WINGS. Hello.



Caribbean Croft

Address: 30 Stokes Croft BS1


Make sure you go here gagging for food and when you’re absolutely ravenous, order their croft fried chicken topped with onion, peppers and a sweet gravy. Trust me, it will fill you up nicely and more importantly, it tastes amazing.



Miss Millie’s

Address: Various Locations


You can’t do a list like this and not include Miss Millie’s! I always go for the classic chicken, fries, gravy and coleslaw, and if I want something that’s a bit spicy, I get good handful of their wings too. Yummy!



Big Bite

Address: 126 Cheltenham Road, BS6


Don’t judge me now… but this is one of go-tos at 4am when I’m a tad drunk and need some lovin’. Make sure you get their chicken wings alongside a pot of their spicy sauce (the BEST I have had in Bristol) and some garlic mayo. It will sort you out!

We also have to give Slix a shoutout too for those late night feeds!