We love Wild Beer down at Wapping Wharf, because it’s a great spot for so many things. Whether its popping in for a pint after work, grabbing some casual lunch or dinner with friends or sitting outside with a brew taking in the views of the harbourside. It’s an integral part of the Cargo crew.


Renowned for serving their signature fish and chips alongside a range of sides, they now have a new offering for the weekends, and it’s one of our favourites, BRUNCH.



New head chef Matt Young has arrived with a cracking menu full of brunch classics and some with a clever twist. All dishes can be made suitable for vegans, vegetarians and for those who need gluten-free too.


But that’s not the best bit.


Wild Beer are well known for being experimental with their brews, hosting a whole range of infusions and flavours. For Matt, this meant only one thing, he wanted to offer a beer pairing for every dish on the brunch menu.



When we popped down to try it last week, we were greeted with beermosa’s. Yes, a nice twist on a Mimosa, but in our opinion, it was better. We opted to try the smashed avocado (I know, how predictable) with poached eggs, the Welsh rarebit, some shakshuka and pancakes for afters. It ain’t brunch without pancakes right?!


The plates were all incredibly generous portions (hoorah!). The smashed avocado was served on thick doorstep sourdough bread, topped with two perfectly poached eggs and sprinkled with pumpkin seeds and pomegranate. It was served with a ‘Beerlini’, which was sour beer teamed with peach purée. The bread, although mightily thick was soft and easy to combat, the thick avocado tasted fresh and worked well with the gooey orange egg yolks and there was a sweet pop of sweetness from the pomegranate seeds.



The Welsh rarebit has got to be one of Bristol’s newest and best hangover cures. Big slices of thick sourdough smothered with beer-infused Westcountry cheddar and served with homemade chutney. It was everything you’d want from cheese on toast, rich, indulgent and delicious. Served with a Rooting Around Autumn beer, which balanced the dish so the richness wasn’t too overpowering.


So at this point we are 2 beers down, with delightfully filled bellies and then we were presented with some fluffy oat milk pancakes, filled with fresh fruit and also given a pot of syrup to drizzle over. The pancakes were light, spongy and flavoursome.



We loved the brunch at Wild Beer, obviously if you are nursing a hangover, you may choose to forgo the beer pairings, but the option is there and it is wonderful how a dish can be transformed with the proper accompanying beverage.


If you are looking for somewhere different to brunch this weekend, we’d highly recommend it!