I’d been wandering round for a while down by Bristol’s harbourside looking for a place to eat something and set up camp with my notebook and camera to start furiously scribbling down more posts than I can keep up with… my wallet has taken a big hit in recent weeks. Stuck and looking for somewhere with plug sockets deemed socially acceptable to use I stumbled across Buttermilk and Maple.




Already a stalwart of Bristol’s brunch scene despite its short tenure, I hadn’t yet visited. Inside the décor is an eclectic mix of times past with studded chairs and Edison bulbs and times present with a clean modern bar and contemporary art covering the walls, the titles of Banksy’s artworks line the tops of walls.


Propping myself up in the corner with a strong coffee, and third of the day by mid-morning, I waited with anticipation and some salivation, over the meal to come. I’d ordered the by-now famous lobster benedict (£10.50). The millionaire’s shortbread equivalent in the breakfast world.



It arrived. Two perfectly poached eggs, near spherical in shape, to me they were art as much as that which lined the restaurant. Drenched in a fresh hollandaise imbued with tarragon the herb lent itself to the dish magnificently pairing with the lobster and crayfish. The eggs gave way easily under a rounded knife spilling an iridescent yellow yolk that mingled with everything else coursing its way onto the speckled plate.


A good few grinds of black pepper and I was facing a remarkably good dish. The lobster and crayfish were succulent and sweet, buoyed by the tarragon hollandaise which cut through with sharp acidity. The humble English muffin, more than a mere vehicle for delivering food had a wonderfully chewy centre providing balance to the dish. The servers were incredibly friendly and I was warmly received when I turned up.


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Buttermilk and Maple is a place worth stopping at if you’re in need of good coffee, good food and good vibes.