Today marks a very happy Chinese New Year and celebrating the Year of the Dog. So, Happy Chinese New Year everyone!


True to form and following on from the success of last year, Asian restaurant Wokyko are holding Chinese New Year celebrations at Cargo from 5.30pm this evening. There will be entertainment, lanterns, music and dancing – plus the chance to receive a special red envelope of happiness, which may even see you win something special!


In keeping with the wonderful community spirit we have all grown to love within Cargo, lots of Wokyko’s neighbouring crates have decided to get in on the action and join the festivities, by putting special Asian inspired dishes onto their menu for a limited time. And some of them sound AMAZING!


Not only will WokyKo be serving up fried chicken baos and freakshakes from outside the restaurant, but you will also be able to indulge in all of these other fantastic treats from neighbouring crates:


Berthas: Szechuan pepper & orange gelato


Box-E: Cured salmon, pickled ginger, sesame and seaweed


Cargo Cantina: Kung Pao Chicken Tostada with Sichuan and Habanero


CUPP: Meal Deal available all day – £6 Veg/Vegan. £8 Meaty (choose one of the bubble teas below and one of the noodles)


2 for £5 Bubble Teas – 4 – 7pm (choose any of the bubble teas below)

Bubble Tea
Taro Milk Bubble tea
Classic Milk Bubble Tea
Wintermelon Lemon
Peach with black tea


Taiwanese Beef soup
Taiwanese soup


Pickled Brisket: Kimchi Rueben & Kimchi Grilled Cheese


Root: Crispy oyster and sweet chilli


Salt & Malt: Crispy Fried Monkfish Cheeks, Sticky Asian Sauce & Sesame


Squeezed: Big Trouble in Little China burger (beef patty, oyster ketchup, ginger buttered Chinese greens, hot you more aioli and a prawn cracker)


Some of these dishes sound seriously delicious and so inspired! We truly believe too that only in Bristol would something like this happen, where the collaborative and supporting nature of our culinary scene is more prominent than ever!


Be sure to get down to Cargo tonight in plenty of time, so you can try everything!