Well jeez, this year’s flown by in the sip of cider… it’s bloody November! We’ve been so busy organising awesome events like Hip Hop in a Chip Shop, the Sushi Bus and Pizza Fest that we almost forgot the biggest party of all!

Lucky for us, there’s plenty of Bristol beauties who’ve thought ahead and organised some cracker popping, fantastic Christmas & NYE parties. Here are our top picks! We’re getting pretty jolly just thinking bout how fun these will be.

The Milk Thistle’s Labyrinth Ball – New Year’s Eve

Someone only went and blooming did it! Hats-off to the team at the Milk Thistle for making so many of our childhood memories come true. Whether it’s the memory of finding Bowie a bit sexy in tights, the bog of eternal stench, the songs “you remind me of the babe” or that goddamn (go “hallo” yourself for sending Sarah the wrong way) worm, the Labyrinth holds a special place in many of our hearts. And, with the sad departure of the main man himself, Mr David Bowie, this is going to be one party to remember. Tickets are selling out fast for this one and may already be gone! Go check here, quickly!

Bambalan’s New Year’s Day Silent Disco

Breaking with the masses, Bambalan are hosting a silent disco on New Year’s Day. Now, whether you’re part of the straight through crew or the “we can’t party on New Year’s Eve” boohoo crew, this is going to be a cracking event. This is Bamabalan’s second silent disco, and it follows in the footsteps of success. Three DJs will see you through New Year’s day with a mix of genres to keep your feet moving. Bambalan will be laying on a brunch and welcome cocktail as part of your ticket cost, get them here.

Bingo Wings Christmas Special

Yeah ok, this is one of ours, but it’s a gert lush event and you’d be a right square to miss it, mind! If you’ve not been to one of our Bingo Wings events yet, let us enlighten you! It’s Bristol lingo bingo – with chicken wings. Also known as, one of the most fun nights you’ll have this Christmas. Instead of numbers we bingo with Bristol phrases such as ‘Ark at Ee’ and ‘Cheers Drive’, and some less common like “Let I Scab a Lambert’. There are three rounds of bingo, each one followed by tasty chicken wings. Playground rules apply, and all ties will be settled with a thumb war! If you’ve already been to one before, you already know how good it is – keeeeener! The Christmas special will be at Yurt Lush – it’s a Bristol match made in punny heaven! We’ll be playing cheesy Christmas classics, and generally loving life. Get your tickets here.

The Grand Pier New Years Eve Masked Ball

Looking for something a bit fancier? How about a masked ball at the Grand Pier in Weston-Super-mare? You can expect a lavish drinks reception and a spectacular four-course banquet. Sounds tasty right? What’s more, they’ll be serving a new survivors breakfast served just after midnight. You’ll then be treated to live music to dance the night away! Sounds up your street? You can call the team for tickets 01934 646155.

The Tobacco Factory, Escape The Metropolis – New Year’s Eve

If an immersive event is more your style, the team at the Tobacco Factory are resurrecting Metropolis, Fritz Lang’s iconic tale of a dystopian future where you just get to work day after day. This New Year’s Eve, you Escape the Metropolis. Notoriously known for their NYE parties, the Tobacco Factory knows how to throw a mindblowing party. Entertainment, live music and DJs will keep you entertained in true 1920s style – without dulling you with yet another Great Gatsby party! Find out more here.


Looking to Throw Your Own Christmas or New Year’s Eve Party?


None of these floating your party boat? Here at Foozie, we don’t just talk about events we like, we create them. So, if you want a hand organising the Christmas or New Year’s Events to end all events, just get in touch. We can source venues, create a theme, organise the running order – whatever you need, we’re your party poppers. Give us a call on07969515297 or email info@foozie.co.uk