Clifton FoodFest makes some of Clifton’s finest restaurants accessible to those whose wallets may not replicate their taste, like moi. It’s such a good idea!


I lived in Clifton for 5 years but always thought No4 was the kind of place that I probably couldn’t afford. I am lucky enough to eat some amazing food from around our glorious city but Clifton is the finer end and No4, in my opinion, was the poshest nosh one could get one’s chops around! They’ve got Amuse bouche on the menu for goodness sake; just try and say that without a posh accent!


We drove around the D shape driveway up to the amazing, Georgian mansion and had a smiley greeting in reception. I took a sneaky peek at the bar area, which had a really lovely feel before we were shown through to the restaurant. I don’t really know what I was expecting but I was pleasantly surprised to find the décor upmarket, boutique and classy but not stuffy. There’s nothing worse than feeling on edge during a meal because of its own snobbery. A jam-jar-esque chandelier and those squiggly filament light bulbs are always a win with me, too.


I knew I was in for a treat with the food so I spent a while choosing from the menu. It all sounded scrumptious and sumptuous but a beetroot and cheese combo had to be a winning starter. They’ll kill me for saying that – it was a bruleed goat’s cheese, beetroot puree, golden beetroot, walnuts and apple jelly. It made me wow out loud when it came out because the presentation was so impressive.

For a main I had roast pork and a side of (minted) new potatoes. Call me weird but I don’t like mint in food and they had no problem adapting for me. Apologies that in the photo I have splatted my gravy a bit! The presentation was immaculate again, and the flavours followed suit. I’m not a huge gravy person, much to my other half’s disgust, but I could have licked the plate! I also happened to know all the food was made with locally sourced produce, which is 10 points before I’ve even put fork to mouth.


The deal was for two courses and I was desperately trying to be ‘good’ but I just couldn’t leave without trying as pudding. I feel like I can judge a place purely on a brownie, so we shared one. After all, if you share there’s no calories, right? It came with some chantilly cream a sort of berry compote and it was yummy. Crunchy on the outside and gooey in the middle. I didn’t really want it to end.


The waitresses were really great and were just the right amount of attentive throughout the evening.

In summary, you’re not going to leave with the button popped off your jeans. BUT, it’s such good value! Really top quality food, wonderfully presented, locally sourced and really delicious.You know when you can taste that the chefs understand ingredients? I’ll be going back, and I’d also love to stay in one of their hotel rooms, which look amazing.