Gin. It’s bloody marvellous isn’t it?! There’s no better way to spend a sunny day outside drinking a vat of the stuff. It’s crisp, it’s refreshing and it just hits the spot, every time!


But did you know just how many crazy gins that are out there to try?! Like, some of them are actually crazy! But we are intrigued… gin that’s infused with ant venom (not sure how we feel about that one) or gin that tastes like sweet potato?! Read on to find out the top 10 most interesting gins that you can get your hands on!


Sharish Blue Magic Gin


Do you believe in magic? Well, now we do because we just can’t explain this colour changing from from Sharish (well, we probably could if we delved deeper, but that just then takes the fun away!) It actually tastes pretty banging too. So get this, you pour your gin measure into a glass and the liquid is blue – but then once you’ve added the tonic, watch the colour change into a purple colour. Just like Harry Potter on a gin ting!



Anty Gins


We weren’t sure we read this one properly but yes, it’s true. Anty Gin is here and people love it, judging by how quickly the batches sell out! So basically, lots of these red wood ants live in big colonies, and in order to protect their large homes, the ants spray this lovely odour from their abdomens and this is what gets foraged and distilled into the gin. Pretty mental right?!



Mason’s Dry Yorkshire Tea Gins


Ahhh tea. The staple drink of Great Britain. These guys like it so much they even went and made a gin with it. Easy on the palette with plenty of Yorkshire tea aromas, this gin is smooth and easy to drink. Does that mean we can have it for breakfast?!



Baked Apple & Salted Caramel Gin


For those of you with a sweet tooth, this gin might be the one for you! This baked apple and salted caramel gin liqueur infuses the spiciness of apple and cinnamon and the sweetness of syrup to give you basically, a dessert in a glass. This one is also sure to be a hit with Nan’s across the country who love good classics flavours and sweet things.



Christmas Pudding Gin


Yes, it’s a thing. If there’s one festive bottle that needs to be in the drinks cabinet this year it’s Sacred’s Christmas pudding gin. A) because at Christmas it’s the actual law to drink all day and you want it to be nice and B) it’s FREAKIN’ Christmas pud flavour!



Bakewell Gin


If you love a decent Bakewell Tart, then you’re in luck. This Cherry and Almond bakewell Gin apparently tastes just like the real deal and has proved to be incredibly popular. With only 6 botanicals being used in the distilling process, the flavour is strong and this tipple is perfect for a cheeky gin afternoon tea along with a selection of cakes. Or leave the cakes and just have gin all afternoon.



Sweet Potato Gin


I mean, could we go as far as to class this as a ‘healthy’ gin?! Infused with actual sweet potatoes and coriander, this bad boy is packed full of veggies! We’re not sure if it makes up any of our five a day, so might be best to pop some fruit in as a garnish to make up for it.



Bottle Bling Glitter Dust


You knew there was going to be an entry like this on the list somewhere. So here it is! This blinged up brigade add sparkle to selection of flavoured gins and come with a pot of ‘shimmering sparkle dust’ that transforms your G&T into some magical unicorn looking concoction!



M&S Colour Changing Gin


Fair play Marks & Sparks, even they are getting in on the action. They have unleashed two flavours of Gin: British Rose and British Lavender and both are already beautiful colours in the bottles. BUT, when added to tonic, the pale gold rose gin turns a bright shade of pink (YASSS QUEEN) and the lavender turns from purple to pink, too. This isn’t just gin, this is Marks and Spencer’s Colour Changing Gin, bitches.