Ahhhh Pancake Day, how I love you. You brighten the bleakest winter Tuesday.
Whether you are thin and silky or thick and fluffy, you never disappoint.


Savoury or sweet, you bring me comfort and warmth.

Pancakes can be enjoyed with SO MANY different foods, I have a genuine fear I may depart this world without trying them all.
Sprinkled with sugar and a squeeze of lemon.
Topped with crispy bacon and drowned in maple syrup.


Slathered with Nutella and piled high with banana.
Spread with cream cheese and ribboned with smoked salmon 
… Or quite literally whatever you have in your cupboard (that’s why this day exists after all), I’m certain the outcome will still be delicious.


Every year I have the exact same thought – why don’t I eat pancakes more often?! 

If cooking isn’t your forte, and you have a fear of flipping, or get beaten by batter, do not fear! There are plenty of places in Bristol you can visit.
… And the best bit? … They are open for pancakes throughout the year!



Address: 1 Queen’s Road, Bristol BS8


On Clifton Triangle (and now also on Gloucester Road) is this 25-old- Bristol institution, serving tasty treats in their American Diner style restaurant. The USA style short stack pancakes are thick, fluffy and incredibly generous, and served with 100% pure maple syrup. Grab a booth, dig in, and wash it all down with one of their famous extra thick milkshakes. Perfection!


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The Crepe & Coffee Cabin

Address: Prince Street, Bristol BS1


Overlooking the harbourside on the historic Prince Street is this delightful little cabin. It’s popular with commuters walking to and from the office, hungry workers enjoying a lunchtime leg-stretch, or visitors taking a weekend harbourside stroll. The crepes are always freshly prepared and come in sweet and savoury. (all of the savoury menu begins with ‘melted cheese’… what’s not to love about that?!)



Blue Pig Café

Address: 33 Colston Avenue, Bristol BS1


Right on the City Centre, amongst all the hustle and bustle, is this popular little cafe with a very loyal customer base. Expect a casual and friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy, sandwiches, baguettes, pancakes and really good coffee. The super thin and light pancakes are tipped as being the ‘best in Bristol’ by many diners; why not try some and see if you agree?


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Address: 5 Queen’s Road, Bristol BS1


At the top of Park Street, directly across from the famous Wills Memorial, is this gem. Their enormous menu will leave you spoiled for choice Enormous menu featuring both savoury and sweet.
Boasting all natural ingredients, the pancakes can be made with traditional wheat flour or gluten free buckwheat flour. Apple Crumble pancake anyone?!


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The Parlour

Address: 243 Cheltenham Road, Bristol BS6


Ice-cream Pancake? YES PLEASE!
Near the Arches of Cheltenham Road, this is this grand Italian café that specialises in Pasta and Ice-cream.
The owners, the Licata family, have been producing ice cream since the early 70’s in Bristol. The Parlour produces its own ice-cream on-site, in an exhausting number of delicious flavours. The extensive dessert menu celebrates their incredible homemade ice-cream, serving it atop waffles and pancakes with lashings of sauce and toppings. The Parlour caters to all dietary requirements, boasting vegan ice-creams and gluten free pancakes.