Imagine you and your mates loving a certain food so much that you decide to meet once a week, every week, to indulge in your biggest love. (The kind of relationship I have with burgers basically).


Pretty good right? Combining both a night out with pals and a great feed.


Step forward, The Pizza Crew. This gang of guys meets every Tuesday night, where they sample pizzas from across Bristol. What started as a love affair with Dominos (this was all they could get delivered to good old Portishead), has turned into an adventure that has seen them grace over 60 restaurants which serve slices. FRIENDSHIP GOALS OR WHAT.



The lads, Rob, Rich, Pat, Matt, Si, Darren and Dave (Mark was absent due to his wife’s birthday – fair excuse) started The Pizza Crew as a little bit of fun, documenting their restaurant visits and also starting a scoring spreadsheet. But, their instagram account started to gain some momentum; for their ratings, thoughts and knowledge of pizza and they now hold quite a reputation within the Bristol food scene.


So, you can imagine my excitement when they allowed me to gatecrash their latest visit to Pi Shop.


I heard the gang before I saw them, (it would be hard to miss 7 blokes) and I was looking forward to meeting them and picking their brains about everything pizza related! Once we had sat down and ordered beers, Matt (who picked the short straw by sitting next to me), started to explain. The guys genuinely all really do LOVE pizza. Whilst they are all different – we had a range of orders, including a few Hawaiians (yes there were some eye rolls and debating), some white bases, some meat and vegetable and a margherita just to experience everything; Matt told me that it is a nice excuse for them to get out of the house to see each other for a catch up and eat their favourite thing.

Now, the spreadsheet. This was seriously impressive. A 60 strong list of pizza places and restaurants that serve pizzas across Bristol and further afield, all ranked in order from the guys’ scores. This spreadsheet is their pizza bible. Admittedly, they do sometimes visit places for a second time, because it could have been a while since the last visit to a venue or things may have changed.


Some of them were harsher than others; whilst some of the guys concentrate on the pizza alone, a few of them take everything into account, such as the lighting and ambience. The crew never rate until the next morning either, because for an example, if they had to keep getting up during the evening to get a drink – this could indicate that the pizza was too salty and this will come into their rating. I know right, they have thought of everything.


The top 3 on the spreadsheet are currently Bosco who sits at number 1, followed by Bertha’s at number 2 and Pizzarova.


The guys are a joy to be around, all so humorous and easy to talk too. I quite envied this little gang they have going on every week, it’s a lovely idea and I thoroughly enjoyed getting involved in the conversation and having a giggle. They don’t take themselves too seriously, this is just a group of friends who love pizza and wanted to start something fun and silly for themselves. I think it’s a great idea.


So, if you have any pizza related queries, or need a recommendation, then give these guys a follow on Instagram, after all – they have the ultimate little black book of pizza.