Whilst these top 5 lists are not in any particular order, these craft beer boozers are some firm favourites of Foozie and we think them deserving of a shout out! If you are looking for inspiration for your next drop then have a scroll…


Small Bar

Address: 31 King Street, Bristol BS1 


This popular bar on King Street has a strong ethos in that they want to provide every punter the very best in what craft beer has to offer currently across the UK. All members of staff are put through a rigorous training programme to ensure they have got the knowledge behind them to help you choose the perfect beer. Small Bar also work hand in hand with Left Handed Giant in brewing their own lines too.



The Barley Mow

Address: 39 Barton Road, St Philips, Bristol BS2

This is Bristol Beer Factory’s flagship pub and although it may be cosy, it’s got the perfect vibe to indulge in sipping on some craft drops. With 10 keg lines serving a vast range of craft beers from Bristol and also around the UK. There are also plenty of bottled beers available too.



The Old Butchers

Address: 57 North Street, Bristol BS3


A collaboration between the folk at The Old Bookshop and those at Wiper and True make The Old Butchers a match made in craft beer bar heaven. Wiper & True have a solid reputation for being one of the UK’s most interesting and innovative brewers, and The Old Butchers celebrate their fantastic work by having six of their beers on tap alongside limited edition bottles and releases. Michael Wiper has handpicked the other remaining beers from the UK and across the world for those who are in the mood to be experimental.



Zero Degrees

Address: 53 Colston Street, Bristol BS1


Zero Degrees  has quite the sprawling space in it’s city centre venue – with the brewery making up part of th site. The impressive beer makers want you to see, smell and taste everything on offer. They have a selection of speciality beers, long running favourites and a vintage selection and there is just something wonderful about sipping on a drop that has been carefully created in th same place that you are enjoying it.



Bristol Brewery School

Address: 20A Wilson Street, Bristol BS2

We adore both the beers and the space down at the Bristol Brewery School. This fantastic bar and space is nestled away smack bang in the centre (by Cabot Circus) and if you weren’t aware you’d never know it was there. Owners Noel and Maria have created a venue where you can not only come and enjoy delicious beers, but you can also book yourself onto a course to completely immerse yourself in everything relating to brewing. A must for any craft beer fan.