Whilst these top 5 lists are not in any particular order, these late night filthy takeaways are some firm favourites of Foozie and we think them deserving of a shout out! If you are stumbling home sometime in the not too distance future then remember these recommendations…


The Grecian

Address: 2 Cromwell Road, Bristol BS6


The Grecian really doesn’t need much of an introduction from us, it’s pretty famous for it’s late night kebabs which are tasty, easy on the wallet and have been a saviour for all of us many a time after a heavy night out. They even had a rave in the place (anyone seen THAT video?!). Basically, you can walk into The Grecian with your last fiver and come out with a feast, the best way to end any boozy evening.


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Taka Taka Magic Roll

Address: 3 Queen’s Road, Triangle BS8


Another late night eatery with a pretty solid following is Magic Roll. These late night saviours allow you to make your own concoction, or choose from their mouth watering menu. The wraps are all made with fresh ingredients and really hit the spot after an evening on the sauce. They also are as big as your head, so will soak all of that alcohol up no problem.



Address: 89-91 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS2


OK, so it’s chicken – but sometimes we favour that over kebabs because only crispy and greasy wings will do the trick after a session. Slix is right in the thick of Stokes Croft so if you are out and about in this area you don’t have to walk too far, plus it’s across the road from a 24 hour shop, so you can pick up more alcohol to continue the party if you so wish! Slix stays open until 6am too, for those party animals.


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Jason Donervan

Address: The Triangle, Bristol BS7


The name is fucking genius. That is all.


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Miss Millies

Address: Various locations, Bristol


We know, Miss Millies is chicken – but it’s Bristolian and we heart it. If we want our late night fillet burger, then we are going to go here, because there is nothing else quite like it. Sometimes we’ve got to appreciate the long standing Bristol businesses, even if they are fried chicken food shops.


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