You may have walked past this bar and kitchen a hundred times and never thought to pop in. I know I certainly used to.



Industry is located on Gloucester Road, a little further up from the Hobgoblin and next to the fishmonger. I’ll be honest, I didn’t visit when it used to be ‘Halo’; not for any particular reason, other than it just never really stood out and it wasn’t really on my radar.



I was intrigued to visit Industry. Apparently they’ve got a nice little garden out the back (who knew?), and have spent the time refurbishing the place. I also wanted to know what it offered it terms of food, as I hadn’t seen much on any socials channels, apart from Industry’s own platforms.



Industry is run by two brothers, Ronnie and Nathan. After being brought up surrounded by the hospitality life (due to their Mum running her own establishment), they saw a chance in Bristol to take on a new challenge and try to do something for themselves and the city.



From the outside, bright lights which spell out Industry shine like beacons and floor to window bi-fold doors which will be open during the summer allow you a sneaky peek at the interior; the flash signage adds a nice touch and hints at the modern style inside.



Upon entering, I was completely surprised to see just how much space there is in Industry. The floor space sprawls much further back than I’d originally envisaged, it is really deceivingly large. Wooden floors are complimented by cosy and comfortable brown leather sofas. There are also benches which straddle long tables and more spaces to sit dotted around by the entry area. The decor is contemporary industrial, with the impressively stocked bar being the focal point. The tables are made up of scaffolding poles with wooden tops, and candles make the setting seem softer when I visit on a Wednesday evening.



The menu offers lots of options, to suit the style of dining you are after. There is a large selection of small plates and starters which are great for sharing, alongside some hearty main dishes and desserts.



We opted for the Camembert (which could’ve fed two people with absolutely no problems), the beef brisket fritters with bacon jam, Madeira mushrooms with bacon and sourdough and smoked ham and cheese croquettes. Quite a lot for two people I know, but there were so many things on the menu that looked tasty.



As I previously mentioned, the Camembert was probably too over indulgent, but who doesn’t love dipping cheese?! Presented nicely, the cheese was served with a basket of fresh, thick sourdough and a small pot of chilli jam. We dived straight in. The thick, gooey hot cheese was the perfect saviour for the freezing temperatures outside.



The brisket fritters arrived with three of them sitting atop the plate and on a bed of bacon jam. The rich, soft brisket was delicious and tasted great with the added sweetness of the jam. I would order these on their own as a bar snack to be honest, they were flavoursome and comforting. The croquettes cut open into a gooey, creamy centre of ham and cheese, and again, I kind of wished we weren’t sharing these too as they were so good.




The stand out dish for me had to be the mushrooms, which we ordered on recommendation. The mushrooms came served in a small dish, with thick chunky pieces sliced up and paired alongside bacon in a what can only be described as a game changing sauce. It was addictive. I immediately had to ask for more bread to dip because I’d eaten everything else.



I’ll put my hands up and admit that I was expecting ‘pub grub’ from the Industry crew. Not that there is anything wrong with that obviously, for me there is always a time and a place for the classic pub; but, Industry’s food was on par with a lot of casual eateries on Gloucester Road, and I just don’t think people know about it. I didn’t, but I much enjoyed all of the surprises that I was getting. I was really impressed.



Industry is the kind of place you come with your colleagues after work, or meet up with friends midweek for a reasonably priced dinner in a nice atmosphere. They do show sports, such as the rugby and football when it is on, offer weekly deals and that secret garden out the back is a fantastic spot to explore their gin selection.



So next time you are looking to try somewhere a little different, instead of walking by, why not pop into Industry?