Close your eyes and think about the one food you could eat for the rest of your life…


Cheese on toast? WRONG. But very close, the answer is pizza. Delicious, sauce-laden, cheesy, face-meltingly-hot pizza. And in Bristol, we’ve got tonnes of it, in fact, I heard we’re tipped to be the next Pizza Capital of the World! Alright, I made that up, but I think we should be aiming high and giving Bristol the pizza crown doesn’t seem that loftier dream. I know you agree.


So what pizza are we eating this week? Well, you’re in for a treat because here; saving the environment one pie at a time, is Mission Pizza! Jim, his beautifully decorated traveling pizza oven and all the pizza pies you could hope for are currently smashing out the good stuff at Bristol Spirit in BS5.


We swung by last Friday to stuff our faces and get the low down on Jim’s pies. The entire menu is vegetarian with multiple vegan options or swaps on offer, which if you’re vegan like me is a bloody fantastic sight to behold. But fear not stubborn eaters of meat, my other half loves some spicy sausage in his pie and he wasn’t the slightest bit upset with the spicy fennel ‘sausage’. It was actually so meaty I had to double check it wasn’t meat and this wasn’t an evil plan to make me fall off the vegan wagon. It wasn’t, panic over.


I opted for the Kale Rider with garlic butter base, pimento peppers and the vegan Mozza which was delightful. The dough they’re throwing is a top-notch three day fermented sourdough with perfectly crispy crusts, if you’re a crust snob you won’t be disappointed.


But this collab isn’t just about the pizza, Bristol Spirit is a great little venue just off the cycle track on Whitehall Road BS5 and it’s worth a visit just so you can get a sip of Sam’s naturally infused (in Bristol) Espensen Spirits. The pizza menu has been paired up with beautiful complimentary cocktails so you can make a crackin’ night of it.


This residency ends on the 17th of Feb, so get down there and fill your face with great local cocktails, animal friendly pizza, and magic BS5 vibes.