When it comes to originality you’ve got to applaud this Bristol restaurant.


You can ‘count’ on Transylvania to definitely be different, providing Bristol diners with a restaurant that is reminiscent of both a haunted house at a fun fare whilst serving traditional Romanian dishes. It’s the best of both worlds isn’t it?!



Upon entry you are greeted with spooky waxwork models, framed photos of women who are ghostly pale and an electronic European playlist. Safe to say, that perhaps you need to take the decor with a pinch of salt.



Choose from Romanian cuisine or a selection of Italian pastas and risottos and take your seat upon one of the tables which are strewn with black tablecloths and long white candles and stare at each other’s necks until your plates arrive. Why not take some fake vampire teeth with you in your pocket too,  because you might as well get involved right?



This probably isn’t the best place to date a first date, unless your both big Dracula fans, but it does add a certain novelty to the Bristol food scene and we think could provide solid LOLs for a group night out.


Address: 44 Park St, Bristol BS1 5JG