If you love a kitchen takeover as much as we do, you’ll be familiar with the boys behind Smoke and Glaze. Starting out in the chilli sauce making business, the pair took a stall selling Po Boys at the Harbourside Market. Ever since then, Smoke and Glaze have grown to become the city’s favoured American street food trader.


Admittedly I am a bit of a soul food snob. I have a friend from New Orleans who makes a mean jambalaya! Not to mention, I’ve worshipped the church of Momma Cherri since Gordon Ramsey saved her business. I also make my own Po Boys… so I was hoping Smoke and Glaze lived up to their reputation.


After a good run of pop-ups, the boys have taken up residency at The Old Bookshop on North Street. If you don’t know, it’s a quirky boozer with plenty of taxidermy with a great list of beers on tap. I went for a Beerd Cubic and joined my partner.


I decided the best way to go would be to share a few dishes between us! SO, we went for the shrimp Po Boy, the Gumbo and 4 chicken wings. The chicken wings came out first and we dived in.


The wings themselves were huge and covered in their signature pineapple based hot sauce. The sauce itself was sweet and spicy, a nice deviation from the often vinegar heavy sauces I’ve had before. The blue cheese and mayo dip was delicious. Really not overpowering, I could even say it could’ve been a bit more blue cheese heavy. My partner lived in Canada for a while and commented these wings were better than the ones he had there, quite the compliment when you have bars out there that only sell hot wings!


Swiftly the Po Boy and Gumbo arrived and we were very impressed with the portion sizes. The gumbo was made up of sausage, chicken legs, battered prawns, okra and sweet potato. This was all covered in a thick, spiced gravy and served with rice and corn bread. The gumbo was comfort on the plate and the rice, with some chopped spring onions, was kept nice and simple; which we both really liked. The corn bread, served warm, had a hint of lemon that cut through the stew and was a welcome extra.


The Po Boy came with a portion of fries, generously packed with marinated, battered prawns, sauce and salad. I serve mine with diced pickles, chillies and a spicy remoulade but the sandwich was wonderfully sweet and satisfying. The pomegranate, lime and mint glaze the prawns were marinated in also doubled up as a sweet chilli sauce which we used it to dunk our fries. The bread was soft and overall, again, the portion size was generous. I would definately return to try the beef version.


All in all we were really impressed with the value for money and flavours from Smoke and Glaze, the boys were a delight to chat to and food was fantastic. The wings will be one of those foods you end up thinking about months later and I would love to get the recipe for them.


Smoke & Glaze are at The Old Bookshop until 27th February, so you still have a few weeks to catch them there. They’re sure to be popping up at other locations, so keep your eye on Foozie for where to find them next.