I’ve always wanted to go to a cookery class, but being a bit of a wimp, I’ve always shied away from going on my own. But, when I was invited to a street food cookery course at the Little Kitchen, I decided to face my fears and give it ago.

On arrival, I was greeted by the owners, Claire and Madeleine, who were really lovely and very friendly. I was then guided into the ‘little kitchen’ where I joined a group of six. Apart from one couple, everyone else had come on their own! It was good to know that we were all in the same boat. We all got chatting and within minutes we’d all gotten comfortable with each other.

The classes take place around a central island/work surface which is plenty big enough to fit a dozen people. Madeline began the session by telling us how the company was founded in June 2014 and how they have developed. Being a relatively new business they are expanding all the time and developing new, delicious courses.

Before the proper cooking started, Madeleine taught us how to make sweet chilli and ginger dipping sauce. We did this in pairs which was really fun and was another nice way of braking the ice with the fellow classmates. The chilli sauce was to accompany the first course; fishcakes – which was up next!

Now it was Claire’s turn to take the reins. She gave us a quick but thorough demonstration of how to make the fishcakes. Then it was our turn – eek! The fishcake was absolutely delicious and the dipping sauce really complimented it. I would usually buy a dipping sauce like this, but it was so easy to make that I will definitely be making this at home; it would definitely give the wow factor at a dinner party. We were given the option to eat the dishes as they were ready or take them home. I couldn’t resist so did a bit of both. Yummy!

My favourite dish of the night was the Mah Hor: sticky pork wrapped in thinly sliced pineapple – it was a taste bud’s dream! And if I am perfectly honest, I was very surprised I had made something so delicious in such little time. Unfortunately they wouldn’t have travelled well (that was my excuse, anyway!) so these were enjoyed immediately!

Finally we made Pad Thai. We were talked through this classic dish and watched how the pro’s did it, then gave it a go ourselves. The girls showed us a basic recipe and gave us some suggestions to spruce it up, like adding some chicken or prawns. The evening was coming to the end, so we were given boxes to box up our creations so that we could enjoy them at home.

Throughout the class we were given some chef tips like peeling ginger with a teaspoon and chopping onions. Both are great for practice and I absolutely loved the class! I enjoyed everything about it: learning new skills, meeting new people and achieving a personal first – attending a cookery class on my own! Whether you’re looking to improve your cookery skills, want a different gift idea or perhaps looking for somewhere to host a hen party or school class, I would highly recommend giving Little Kitchen a try. I will most definitely be keeping my eyes on Foozie to find my next class. In fact, I quite like the look of the Moroccan street food class.