I’m 25 and two day hangovers have become a permanent part of my life. The times where I could get up and go to work, still pissed on one hour of sleep have faded away. Now my hangover days consist of vomiting, headaches, shame and despair.



The only thing that will force me to get out of bed – or get my head out of the toilet – is the prospect of some delicious food that will make all of my troubles disappear! But depending on my mood, I crave certain foods. Whether it’s a curry, hearty roast, burger or dirty fries, I need to devour some tasty food in order to survive. Here are some of my go-tos that may hopefully save you one day.



Address: 69-71 Gloucester Road, BS7


Their dirty fries are simply legendary. This ginormous basket full of crispy fries, mounds of meat and handfuls of melted cheese has saved me far too many times than I would care to admit.



Oowee Diner

Address: 54 Picton Street or 202 North Street


Apparently peanut butter is a great hangover cure… so it would only seem appropriate to order their peanut butter and bacon burger which is insanely good. A side of their shrimp loaded fries or cluckin fries is also worth splurging on when you’re in need.



The Pickled Brisket

Address: Cargo 2, Wapping Wharf 


When you’re feeling fragile, you should go for one of the Pickled Brisket’s comforting and delicious salt beef grilled cheese sandwiches. Your grilled cheese sarnie can be finished with an intense cider vinegar glaze, along with a sauce and topping of your choice if you feel like your stomach can take it. So SO good!



The Cadbury

Address: 68 Richmond Road, BS6


This is a pub where my friends and I gather in a hungover mass to feast on their bountiful and heartwarming roasts. Whether it’s beef, duck, pork or nut loaf, your chosen roast will come with crispy roast potatoes and a rich gravy which will definitely satisfy your hangover needs.




Address: 19 York Road, Bristol BS6


When I can’t fathom leaving my house, I order a curry from Mela. All their dishes – their lamb bhuna and samosas are personal favourites of mine – are beautifully authentic and bursting with flavour. Their garlic naan is also an essential when you’re battling your hangover.



Chilli Daddy

Address: 45-47 Baldwin Street & other locations


Spicy food is a must when you need to be awoken from an alcohol induced coma. Their spring rolls, dumplings and chicken dandan noodles will invigorate your taste buds that’s for sure.



Ironworks Supply Co

Address: 51 Broad Street, BS1


My new favourite place to grab brunch and catch up on the things I have forgotten from the night before. Their extensive brunch menu includes fluffy American pancakes, open toasts, amazing omelettes, breakfast burritos and exceptional bagels. But I always go for their fry up which includes streaky bacon, a wild boar sausage and hash browns… it’s amazing!




Address: Cargo 2, Wapping Wharf 


Serving up burgers that will save your sorry ass! You have to try the St Werburger – double beef patty, monterey jack, smoked bacon & caper aioli, chipotle & tomato relish and confit shallots – with a side of fries and one of their homemade lemonades. This combo will give you everything you need to get through the day.




Address: 289 Gloucester Road & The Crate at Wapping Wharf 


Who doesn’t crave pizza on a hangover? So if you’re going to order one, get one from Pizzarova. You can have toppings of your choice, which will sit atop of melted cheese, tomato sauce and their signature thin, crispy sourdough base. Yes!



Wings Diner

Address: Small Bar Bristol, King Street


Fried chicken is delectable, and even more so when the hangover from hell strikes. Whether you choose to inhale their dirty fries, wings, burgers or pieces of fried chicken, I promise it will be one of the crispiest and tastiest mouthfuls of chicken you will have, and it will relinquish you from the pits of despair.



Wallfish Bistro

Address: 12 Princess Victoria Street, Bristol 


Serving up energy boosting brunches worth rolling out of bed for. However, I come here mainly to down one (or three) of their bloody marys. If a trip here doesn’t cure you then frankly you are a lost cause and need to hibernate for a long time!