With over half a million Vegans living in the UK, you better believe that their diets are just SO much more than salads, and lately, we’ve noticed more Vegan junk food cafés launching and becoming incredibly popular.


With that in mind, we wanted to find out where the best places to get a Vegan junk food fix are and why even meat eaters are enjoying this new food craze!


VX Junk Food Cafe

Address: 123 East Street, Bristol BS3 


VX has been going strong in Bristol for two years now and was one of the first to offer dirty Vegan ‘junk’ food to the masses. Whether it’s a dirty burger, filthy mac ‘n’ cheese or a stacked burrito you’re after, you can find it all here – the weekly and monthly specials are also filthy looking and their instagram looks like a certified food porn page.



Oowee Vegan

Address: North Street, Bristol BS3 


If there is a restaurant that specialises in how to do dirty food well, then it’s Oowee. But their Vegan menu choices still also manage to bring the filth. The Sneaky Clucker with potato rosti could fool even meat fans whilst The Good Burger is delicious whether you are a Vegan or not. Choose from the Jalapeño dirty fries or Mexican too and it’s junk food heaven. With Oowee Vegan recently launching too, we are excited to see what else these burger gods come up with.



Temple of Seitan

Address: Hackney & Camden, London


One of London’s most popular Vegan joints, Temple of Seitan has a mass following with 65k on Instagram alone. If you want a fix of ‘fried chicken’, then this is the place to visit. You can also grab burgers, wraps and wings. Just take a look at the food porn below if you needed any more persuading to give them a go.



Biff’s Jack Shack

Address: Various London street food markets 


Probably one of the filthiest places on this list, Biff’s Jack Shack has the lot. Founders Biff and Christa are dedicated to bringing Vegan filthy food to the forefront and to smash preconceptions that Vegan cannot be just as good as the real deal. Their signature fried jackfruit has the texture of the real deal, and most certainly looks delicious!



Matter Fastfoods

Address: 660 Fishponds Road, Bristol BS16


Based in Fishponds, this takeaway offers Vegan British fish and chips and Chinese dishes. Looking at photos of the takeaways coming from this local chippy, there’s no way you’d be able to tell it’s Vegan. It looks banging. The reviews coming out for this place are all great and it seems popular for when you want that Vegan food fix to take home and eat whilst sitting in your pants.




Address: London, Various 


The Vegan burger at Mildred’s in London has been causing a stir as of late due to them launching their ‘bleeding’ burger. Using oyster mushrooms for the burger patty, it both looks like meat and has the texture of it as well. What makes it so juicy and ‘bleeding’ is in fact beetroot juice. Our instagram favourite The Burger List tried it and said on his feed if no one had told him it was Vegan, he would never have guessed.



Club Mexicana

Address: Various London Locations 


Stepping away from burgers, Club Mexicana serves up 100% Vegan Mexican inspired street food. Nachos piled high, burritos and tacos all grace the menu here – and it looks deliciously dirty! Bright and bold, the fun, feelgood vibe clearly shows in the food and stalking their instagram has instantly made us hungry.



Fi Real

Address: Old Market, Bristol BS2


A unique gem situated in Bristol’s Old Market, is Fi Real. Serving Vegan Caribbean food, expect to find jerk tofu, curries, lentils and dumplings. They also serve fresh juices and Vegan cakes. The curries look plentiful and satisfying and since opening in 2014, Fi Real is still going strong – which is a testament to how good it is in a restaurant scene such as Bristol’s.