We’ve all had them.


Those days where lunch is just so average you feel like throwing your work computer out of the window. You aren’t full, you aren’t happy and you definitely aren’t satisfied.


Those days are now gone. Thanks to Pasta Slut.



Relatively new to the Bristol food scene, Pasta Slut specialises in making honest, homecooked Italian food – taking inspiration from her family and her roots. She also sells her slogan t-shirts, which are the must have accessory for anyone who is slutty for pasta.


Pasta Slut has started a Bristol weekly lunch club, meaning that you can ditch the ever dissappointing Tesco meal deal, or your homemade sarnies for something much more exciting and not to mention, delicious.



It works by you placing your order with Pasta Slut on a Tuesday (orders must be in the day before and there will also be a menu) and then on hump day you can enjoy a carbalicious lunch of dreams. You can collect your lunch on the way to work after 7am, or if 5 or more of you order, it’ll be delivered. Ideal for those of you who work in offices. To join the group, find the Facebook page here.


We tried it this week and HOLY ITALIA it was just delicious. A great portion (you could save some for dinner too easily) and also an introductory price of a fiver!


RIP shit Tesco sandwiches forever.