Twiglets, mince pies, mulled wine, Brussel sprouts, baileys and pigs in blankets -these are all things that come to mind when you think of Christmas food and drink. But we have discovered a HUGE new entry to add to the list and it could easily be the best of the lot: toasted marshmallow Kahlúa shots.


It’s the genius idea of The Xmas Tavern, a Christmas pop-up bar on Gloucester Road. They’re serving the marshmallows with original Kahlúa and the new but insanely good salted caramel Kahlúa. Basically, they hollow out a giant marshmallow, toast it with a blow torch, fill it with Kahlúa and then you drink the shot and eat the marshmallow. It’s so fun and SO SO GOOD!


The bar us open until 23rd December, so get yours-elves down there!


This is 100% my new favourite Christmas treat.