Wanna travel the culinary world without leaving Bristol? Well, now you can! We’ve compiled a list of the best cuisines you can find in Bristol. Jet-setters, this one’s for you… at least till your next escapade.

Spanish: Bravas

A few doors down, meet Bravas. Forever busy with people permanently sat by the window or spread across the bar. And it’s not surprising at all because it’s the closest experience you’ll have in Bristol to eating in a tapas bar in the heart of Barcelona. Make sure you check out the ever so popular ‘Fried Aubergine with Molasses’ dish. It never gets old.

Address: 7 Cotham Hill, Bristol BS6 6LD

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French: Bar Buvette

Bar Buvette is a true hidden gem, a slice of Paris where you can escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy a sophisticated, relaxing meal with a glass of fine wine. The success of the business lies in their expertise in wine but in no way does this overshadow their food. The menu is made up of small plates, from comforting and hearty cheese toasties to something more delicate and opulent such as the duck and pomegranate salad. This place is a true joy.
Address: 31 Baldwin St, Bristol BS1 1RG

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Mexican: Plumed Serpent Cantina

Edit: now at Small Bar, King Street – One of Bristol’s most exciting and regular pop ups specialising in Mexican street food with a unique twist that includes Asian and Middle Eastern flavours. The menu can be comforting with dishes like the Tex Mex Meatball Sandwich (It’s quite weighty) or something more delicate like the Harissa Cauliflower with Chickpeas and Cauliflower.

Middle Eastern: Souk Kitchen

Souk Kitchen has been around a long time for a reason – they’re good at what they do. They continue to elevate their dishes by combining unique spices and flavours. Their culinary genius extends from their breakfast to dinner menu, from sweet to savoury. You’re not…dare I say it…a foodie until you’ve eaten at Souk Kitchen.
Address: 277 North St, Bristol BS3 1JP & 59 Apsley Rd, Bristol BS8 2SW

Chinese: Mayflower

Tucked away in the Bear Pit lies the ‘Mayflower’, serving up the most authentic Chinese dishes in Bristol. The atmosphere is buzzing, people are lively and dishes fly from one angle to the other – something you’d find easily in the back streets of Hong Kong. However, the menu can be a little overwhelming but the key to ordering well here is to bring a group of people and picking a combination of noodle based, meat and vegetable dishes for sharing. I highly recommend the ‘Pa Pei Tofu’ dish (A deep-fried tofu mixture with a bit of prawn and spring onions served), Beef Ho Fun with Choi Sum ( a flat noodle dish with sauce) and the Duck Soup Noodles with Preserved Pickles (soup noodles with sauce placed on top). Be fearless.
Address: 3A-5 Haymarket Walk, The Haymarket, Bristol BS1 3LN

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Malaysian/Japanese/Vietnamese: Bento Boss

I’m usually a little (very) sceptical when a restaurant claims it can serve multiple Asian cuisines. It generally leads to disappointment and a ‘never again’ moments. Not with Bento Boss though. They’ve truly mastered the essence of Malaysian, Japanese and Vietnamese food. Their menu consists of Bento boxes, Malay curry and Pho noodles. The authentic smell and flavours will transport you from South West England to South East Asia.
Address: Unit 6, Clifton Down Station, Whiteladies Rd, Bristol BS8 2PH

Italian: Pasta Loco

One of Cotham Hill’s newest additions to the street, specialising in freshly made pasta with unique combinations of ingredients. They might be a few months old but they’re certainly making a mark in the city’s culinary scene with dishes to make your heart melt like their carbonara with pork in three ways and a poached egg.
Address: 37A Cotham Hill, Bristol BS6 6JY

Indian: Hari Krishna

It seems that a majority of us have our own idea of the best Indian in Bristol. Whether it’s the one down your road or the one in city centre enjoyed after a few pints of beer, it’s a very personal choice. A safe bet is ‘Hari Krishna’. With a Southern Indian based menu, they serve a wide range of vegetarian and meat dishes, their seafood curries are delicious. It’s great value for money and the staff are very friendly so there’s not a lot to dislike here. Other places I’d recommend are; ‘SweetMart’ for great Indian snacks, ‘Chai Shai’ for a casual sit-down meal, ’Kathmandu’ for a Nepalese meal and finally, ‘Ahmed’s Masala Cafe’ at Hotwells for a quick takeaway.
Address: 31a Zetland Rd, Bristol BS6 7AH