Teaching us a thing or two about authentic Mexican Cantinas, it’s safe to say that Cargo Cantina has truly delivered the goods and made its way onto Foozie’s list of favourite places to eat and drink around Bristol! Their unusual ingredients make some of the most incredible tacos we’ve ever tasted and their margaritas are equally as good. So, here are 12 reasons why Cargo Cantina should be next on your to-do list!

1. Their Taco de Cabeza is QUITE something

Ox head and tongue – a Mexico City classic brought to your doorstep.

2. Chapulines anyone?

Mhhhh crickets on guacamole – for all the brave foodies out there! Crunchy, and rather delicious.

3. Their salsas and sides are all homemade and incredible!

Guacamole, Chipotle & coconut black beans, red cabbage with mint, chilli and lime, corn with lime, chilli & cheese! YUM

4. These loaded cheese nachos

Served with guacamole, pickled jalapeños and red salsa.


5. They also cater for veggie and vegan diets!

6. Their Seafood Salpicón Taco

Served with pepper, tomato, red onion and fresh chilli salad with octopus, prawns and monkfish!

7. This super cute and cosy setting

Perfect for enjoying tasty margaritas and devouring incredible tacos!

8. Speaking of margaritas…

Our favourite is served with house lemonade, triple sec and Maldon sea salt!

9. Have you heard of their Cantina Cerveza?

It’s homemade!

10. Gluten Free Tortillas

11. And check out this incredible lookin’ salsa verde!

12. The location is also pretty sweet

So there you have it! Looking for more Cargo 2 inspiration? Check out our blog on the Athenian