A total stand-out amidst the hustle and bustle of Bristol’s food scene, For Mice and Men have truly pushed the boundaries when it comes to defining what makes a grilled cheese sandwich! Probably the most golden, crispy, and sexy grilled cheese sandwich we’ve ever laid eyes on these guys have upped the game ever since they started in 2014!


What we love most about them? Their honest and conscious approach to cooking.


Without a doubt a key component to their success, their food is simply out of this world! The bread: fresh and crispy, the butter: creamy and perfectly salty, the toppings: just fantastic and of insanely good quality!


Need more convincing? Here are 8 reasons why you need to pay For Mice and Men a visit!

1. Discover what all the North American fuss is about! Grilled cheese is not a toastie, nor cheese on toast, nor a cheese sandwich.


2. Be the Master of Your Domain — Every sandwich is made to order. Choose your cheeses, toppings, and sauces. Ball’s in your court Jordan.


3. Homemade Small-Batch Butter… Drooling yet?! The butter used for their signature crunch is made on premise, in small quantities, and mere hours before you order!


4. Food Waste: Not havin’ it – Bread that doesn’t get used is given to the food bank. The buttermilk generated from their butter gets turned into soda bread, buttermilk pancakes, or buttermilk fried chicken.


5. Vegetarianism – all hail the Veggie Sausage Special: Monterey Jack with cracked black pepper, veggie sausages, caramelized onions, and a side of their house buffalo-style hot sauce… PENG!


6. Guest Cheeses, Guest Toppings, and Weekly Specials – Every week they feature a rotating guest cheese or topping. Talk about keeping things interesting!


7. You’re hungry and you want something nice #noregrets


8. They smoke their farmhouse cheddar for up to 8 hours over whisky oak chips… Keep an eye out for the occasional smoked Guest Cheese!

(Fun fact: they repurposed a filing cabinet from their former employment into a homemade smokehouse)

And if this ain’t enough foodporn for your cheesy cravings head over to their Facebook page for some more!