Alright me luvvers! There are certain gert lush food and drink experiences that are as quintessentially Bristolian as wearing daps down Asdals and jumping off the bus with a cheery “Cheers Drive!”



So we ask you, are you even Bristolian mind, if you haven’t:



Grabbed a kebab and cheesy chips from Jason Donervan after a night partying on the Triangle – and cackled every time at the pun! Ended up on Gloucester Road instead? We’ll assume that you’ve ended up drunkenly ordering from the Grecian?



Ran at the first sight of sunshine to sit with your legs dangling over the water, risking loss of flip-flops, with a cider and Pizzarova outside the Arnolfini. Drunken group selfies with the water and a sunset in the background get extra points. If there is no space, you’ve headed to the Ostrich pub garden, obvs.



Picked up an egg and bacon muffin [or insert favourite pastry] from Harts Bakery before heading ANYWHERE from Bristol Temple Meads. Moan incessantly if you have to travel anywhere on a Monday when it’s closed.



Queued for a Swoon gelato and sat smugly with it on College Green – trying to avoid the prying ways of the seagulls (one of my fav Bristol moments is a drunk guy continuously shouting “get back to the sea” to all the seagulls).



Got up at the crack of dawn to watch the early balloon ascent at Bristol Balloon Fiesta with a bacon sandwich and big coffee from one of the many stalls at Ashton Court (or if you are feeling fancy, put together a picnic from Southville Deli).



Been tempted and bought ALL the goodies from Sweetmart in Easton – including some things that you have absolutely no idea what they are or where you would use it in the recipe.



Eaten something from every single stall at St Nicks Market. Extra points for eating a Matina wrap in Castle Park.




Joined the after work crew for beers on the benches along King Street and ended up as the large drunken table at the Raj for a curry.



Got the ferry to Beese’s Tea Gardens (or if you are feeling particularly energetic, tackled the riverside walk) and enjoyed a cute afternoon tea along the river.



Conquered a North Street pub crawl in between looking at all the street art at Upfest – find every piece of art at least 10 times more spectacular as a result.




Picked up a bottle from Corks of Bristol [insert relevant one depending on your location] on your way to a dinner party, stealing their knowledge and experience to look like you know something about wine.



Ate from one of the paella stalls at Bristol Harbour Festival in between all the dancing and cider drinking!