I’m not one for soppy Valentine’s day shenanigans. BUT, I must admit, I was tres excited to sit in a bakery under the tunnels of the train station. PLUS, you got the chance to watch a black and white film! Something unusual to do with a salt beef sanger, brownie and BYO, it was definitely my kinda night. What’s more, this was all £20!

It was an intimate gig. Size-wise; there’s was no rudies! We took our seats for our pre-film supper and found some nice little touches like blankets, old-school popcorn with cute stripy paper bags, and jugs of free water. I thought they missed a trick by not showcasing more of the goodies the bakery had to offer though, to entice me back for more. I hadn’t been to Hart’s before and I would have swapped my roll and brownie for little tasters of their bestsellers. But it was all good! 

The film was put on by Portable Pictures, a local mobile cinema experience company. Running without a hitch, it provided some seriously great quality film watching. They even preceded the film with some olden day adverts that were so far removed from the world that they made us all chuckle! Things like: “Use new Persil to make your Husband’s handkerchief sparkle, while you’re making his dinner and generally being a good wifey.” I made that up, but you know what I mean! Back in the day when all TV narrators had the same 1940s British voice.

Anyhoo, back on-topic, my only real complaint was the chairs. Maybe I’m getting on a bit and my 30-year-old bottom is less tolerant than it once was. But, after about an hour, the plastic started to feel like it was infusing to my bones! Apart from that, it was awesome!