A good side of fries never lets you down and if you’re a fan of ‘em like I am then you’ll be all too familiar with the struggle of not ordering these lil’ potatoes every time you’re out! What’s there not to like? They’re a basic human necessity and a lifelong partner to the glorified burger who would, without a doubt, fall short on his buns without them!

Probably one of the most delicious pairings to have ever hit the worldwide foodie scene, fries are often sidelined by its big buddy. However, being so versatile, fries can be showstoppers in their own right. 

Like ‘em thick? Skinny? Curly? Spicy? Or just simply dirty? Fries will be whoever you want them to be and leave you satisfied — Bristol’s foodie scene is no stranger to these universally loved potatoes and has seen some serious competition setting the bar high for frie expectations!

So here’s to our fave little fellas and those who do ‘em justice with a list celebrating Bristol’s best fries!

Oowee Diner – Chicken Kiev Fries


MeatLiquor – Chili Cheese Fries


Burger Theory – Kimchi Fries


Three Brothers – Chili Cheese Fries


Tuk Tuck – Kimchi Fries


Bravas – Fried Aubergine & Molasse


Hobgoblin – Dirty Fries


Grillstock – Hog Fries


Atomic Burger – Trailer Park Fries