George Clooney. Have I got your attention?

Chances are, I probably have and there’s a reason behind me mentioning one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Meet Casamigos, a new tequila brand created by George Clooney, Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman. The name translates to ‘House of Friends’, a reflection on how their brand was born. Having lived so close to each other in Mexico (and after many tequila-fuelled nights), they came up with their latest venture: making the world’s best-tasting and smoothest tequila.

In the last 4 years, Casamigos has taken the US by storm and undoubtedly a worldwide curiosity! Collecting awards, a strong reputation, and finally making its way over the pond to the UK, we were so excited to receive an invite to their launch at ‘The Ivy’!

Intimate and decadent, the venue was the perfect location to get cosy with the Casamigos range! Included at the event were three distinct variants: ‘Blanco’, ‘Reposed’ and ‘Añejo’ tequila. These delicious drinks were opulently dressed and served alongside delicate canapés. The highlight for me was the ‘Casa Negra’ which included ‘Blanco’ tequila, lime, Aperol and almond syrup.


If you’re a tequila fan I would highly recommend investing in a bottle of George’s finest and explore their cocktail recipes on their Instagram page. If not, perhaps using it as a long drink with an open mind? You never know, you might convert into a tequila aficionado!