Mageiros Pop-Up was born from a course at Coexist Community kitchen called Cooking & Conversation. The course brings together people from different cultures and backgrounds, sharing their traditional food, learning English, and supporting integration into the local community. They believe that cooking can transport us creatively through experimentation and taste whilst allowing us to rediscover and connect with our past. Cooking can be so much more than just an instrument to feed us. It is about the people living it and what it means to them.


Throughout the course, some of the group’s members expressed their interest in sharing this on a large scale and this is how Mageiros Pop-up was born. Starting their journey with traditional dishes from Pakistan, they’ll then travel around the globe to visit different regions.


Come and join the Pakistani feast on Thursday 23rd of November at 7.30pm
Tickets are £25…the price includes a welcome drink!


Tasty traditional dishes to include:

Dahi Bara, (lentil dumplings) Makkai ki roti, (corn flat bread) and Lamb karhai And Mageiros?!

In ancient Greece, the word for cook, butcher, and priest was the same; mageiros. The word shares an etymological root with “magic.” Even the most ordinary dish follows a satisfying arc of transformation; magically becoming more than the sum of its ordinary parts, and in almost every dish, you can find, besides the culinary ingredients, the ingredients of a story!

‘Cooked’ by Michael Pollan For more information please contact:
Claudia Poligioni:


Coexist Community Kitchen


In 2012 The Coexist Community Kitchen was a seedling of an idea, when the disused kitchen space on the 3rd floor of Hamilton House was in desperate need of a transformation. With much love, time, energy, and funding we managed to start moving it into a reality! We lifted the tiles, cleaned the ceilings, scrubbed the floors, painted the walls, bought pots and pans (and much, much more)… and we now have a fully equipped and accessible cookery school and kitchen space for hire in the centre of Bristol!

Our aims and objectives:

We want to provide a space to learn, create, share and enjoy food. In order to do this we welcome anyone who would like to run events and workshops, use food enjoyably and creatively, share knowledge, and bring together communities, encouraging:


• Cooking skills – recreational and vocational

• Living skills

• Nutrition

• Politics and sustainability


A big focus is our social outreach work, and in collaboration with other Bristol organisations, we run cookery courses and workshops with groups that might not otherwise have access to them.