Eatchu are a regular lunchtime favourite for me. Tucked by the side of St. Nicholas Market, not only do they make incredibly delicious gyoza, Vic and Guy are just the friendliest people!


You may already have your favourite dish; but if you are feeling a little more adventurous, they are now regularly introducing Specials onto their menu. Experimenting with interesting Asian flavours, the current delight is the tan tan spicy pork gyoza: an epic combo of ruby and white pork belly mince, black bean chilli miso paste, kimchi and red pepper flakes. It comes with a kick, so the sauce and topping additions of sriracha miso mayo, schichimi sea salt and shibori onion were very welcome. This dish originally ran out in 2.5 days, so I would keep a beady eye on their social media, so if a special comes up that you fancy you can get down there quick to try it.


I recommend not taking it back to your desk to eat though. It had my colleagues salivating so much, I had to give up one of my gyozas for them to try.


If you love gyoza as much as I do, they are now offering the opportunity to “teachu” how to prep, roll and cook them the eatchu way. The three hour session will help you master the process of steaming and frying these little bundles of joy, includes lunch and a load of gyoza to take home for the freezer.  Masterclass tickets have gone on sale this week and they are selling fast. Check out the training section of their website to book.


Current dates below:

17th March – Pork & Garlic Chive Gyoza Master Class

24th March – Spinach & Tofu (VEGAN) Gyoza Master Class

14th April – Pork & Garlic Chive Gyoza Master Class