We couldn’t be more excited to announce that Natalie ‘Burger Queen’ Brereton is joining team Foozie as Editor. Nat starts next week and brings with her an unparalleled love, passion and knowledge of the Bristol foodie and boozie scene.


It’s a really exciting time for Foozie and Nat’s appointment is one of many big announcements that we’ll be making over the next few months. Watch this space!


We asked Nat to put some words together about her now role. Here’s what she had to say…


“My first ever review was published for Foozie on the 8th February of last year.


I remember telling Thom (Foozie founder) when we first met that I had no idea if I could write, or if I could produce content to do his website justice. I sat and had a coffee with him whilst blabbing at 100 miles an hour about what I like to eat and how I was sweating from running over to meet him. I told him I wanted to do well by the independent food businesses he wanted to cover and create relatable, funny, engaging posts that would make people want to go out to eat and drink in Bristol. I don’t know why Thom agreed but Foozie opened the door for me and offered me a platform.



Fast forward a year and I could never have envisaged the amazing dishes I have eaten, the wonderfully fun events I have been a part of and the fantastic friends I have made. Oh, and I also became a bit of a Twitter addict.


My passion for Bristol food and drink knows no bounds; I get excited to meet the people behind the food – the chefs, front of house and the owners. I enjoy tasting and sharing new dishes, seeking out new openings and taking recommendations to eat at longstanding Bristol institutions. I enjoy meeting new people with the same interests and being a part of a whole range of crazy but brilliant events. Throughout the past year outside of my normal office job I’ve spent my time indulging in my passion, not just for everything culinary but for my writing, and when I get comments or emails telling me someone has visited a venue because of a suggestion of mine, the feeling is wonderful.


I’ve also managed to eat some pretty fucking epic burgers; don’t know if you’ve noticed.


Being offered the chance to become a part of the team at Foozie was like being offered a Portuguese custard tart at Harts Bakery; a dream opportunity you want to grab with both hands.


So that’s what I’ve done. I’ve jacked in my 9-5 office job (‘You WOT?!’ cried my mum) and am taking a big leap of faith. I want to bring you witty, fun, interesting and accessible content, reviews, features, interviews, piss-takes and videos. I want to hear from you about what you want to see, read about, what’s annoyed you and what you love. Email me, tweet me or say hello to me if you see me out and about and let’s have a chat (and try not to get drunk).


I hope you enjoy.