Whilst these top 5 lists are not in any particular order, these cocktail bars are some firm favourites of Foozie and we think them deserving of a shout out! If you are looking for inspiration for your next night out, then have a scroll…



Address: Cargo, Wapping Wharf 


I mean, is there anything Alex can’t do? Ever since he crowdfunded to get his little burgers and homemade lemonade crate off the ground we’ve seen his offerings go from strength to strength. The Werburger (his creation to come out of a ‘burger off’ with buddy Leon) has to be one of our favourites, double the patties which mean double the love, lots of cheese, lots of homemade burger relish and confit onions cooked in beef fat – do we need to say more? His Reverse Cowgirl with peanut satay sauce is incredible and with a menu that changes with his imagination, these melt in the mouth burgers are to die for. Finished off with a side of fries and a cool glass of lemonade. Win. Alex, we salute you.


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Address: 90 Colston Street, Bristol BS1 


Smoky is the new sexy. Lucien at Asado cooks all of his burgers over his wood-fired grill and we love just how delicious and well seasoned his patties are. He’s not afraid to experiment either, meaning that the specials at Asado change regularly (shoutout to the bone marrow burger) and are always different from anything else you can get your hands on in Bristol. Using only quality ingredients (just take a peek at their instagram to see some of the awesome producers Lucien works with) you’ll be in burger heaven one you sit down in the vibrant restaurant, cocktail in hand. Oh, order the rosemary fries.




Address: Picton Street and North Street 


The gods of filth, we flippin’ love Oowee so hard. Why? There’s a few reasons; The Double C, The Hot Chick, The Waffle fries, the cluckin’ fries, the chicken Kiev fries, the shakes, the fried cauliflower.. need we go on? Oowee have hit the nail on the head with their deliciously dirty menu and amazing fries to go with it. Their new (ish) site in Bedminster means you can now take a seat whilst enjoying your bap and two Oowee sites means double the joy.


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Burger Theory

Address: 37-38 Baldwin Street, Bristol BS2 


Our love affair with Burger Theory started long ago, back when they were slinging burgers at street food events and local Bristol markets. Since then, they’ve come on leaps and bounds – with a successful pop-up in Kongs of King Street and now in their own bricks and mortar home on Baldwin Street. The burger love knows no bounds. We’re particularly avid supporters of Burger Theory’s ‘Prairie Girl’, which is one of the best fried chicken burgers in the city – but there are SO many other amazing options too. Paired with dirty, halloumi or pouting fries – there’s no looking back. They also run a BOTTOMLESS burger club every month, now that’s something we can get on board with.


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Address: 10 St. Nicholas Street, Bristol BS1


Sometimes when simple is done really really well, it can be incredibly effective, let alone delicious. That is why there are three options to choose from at Chomp, the hamburger, the vegetarian and the chicken burger. For anyone who has eaten a steak at Chomp , you’ll know that they pride themselves on sourcing quality beef, poultry and produce to ensure maximum flavour and taste, especially when cooked right. Chomp might not be the first option that springs to mind when thinking about burgers, but it one that is not to be missed.


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