The Gromit Unleashed sculpture trail has returned to Bristol, its home city. Bristolians rejoice, it’s absolutely cracking!


The 2018 sculpture trail from The Grand Appeal and Aardman Animations boasts 67 giant sculptures, including the lovable pooch Gromit, his pal Wallace and arch nemesis Feathers McGraw.


Foozie have brought you some handy trails that ensure you see LOTS of sculptures, alongside essential pit-stops for refreshments, ice-cream, food, shade, shelter playtime and points of interest. (These foodie trails follow the same routes at the trails on the official map and ‘Detect-O-Gromit’ app, so you can tick them off as you go!)
It’s the perfect family day out during the summer holidays.


P.S If you want to donate to support The Grand Appeal, click right here:


Your donation can make a real difference to sick babies and children across Bristol, the South West and beyond.

Harbourside Trail

A circular loop around the Bristol Harbour, Queen Square and Collage Green, stopping at 18 sculptures.



Foozie Hotspot: Bambalan 

Location 15: The Cenotaph, BS1 4ST

Kid-friendly restaurant with an outdoor terrace. (In case you arrive hungry!)


Fangs McGraw

Foozie Hotspot: Creams 

Location 16:25 Baldwin St, Bristol BS1 1NS

Right opposite is a BIG ice-cream shop. Not the best in Bristol, but generous enough to fuel up and cool down!


Long John Wallace

Foozie Hotspot: Quick Crepes 

Location 17: Cascade Steps, BS1 4XJ

Enjoy a pancake alongside the water fountains, with a spectacular view of the harbour


Prima Featherina

Foozie Hotspot: Swoon Gelato 

Location 18: Bristol Marriot Royal Hotel, BS1 5TA

Now, this REALLY IS the best ice-cream in town. Its soooo smooth and creamy!



Gnome Sweet Gnome

Foozie Hotspot: Pizzarova

Location 19: College Green, BS1 5UY

Grab a delicious takeaway sourdough pizza and eat alfresco on collage green



A Grand Tribute

Foozie Hotspot: Las Iguanas

Location 21: Millennium Square, BS1 5SZ

Excellent value kids menu, and 241 cocktails for the grown-ups…


Oceans 1: Deep Blue

Foozie Hotspot: Millennium Square Fountains & We Are The Curious

Location 22: We The Curious, BS1 5DB

Take off your shoes and socks and have a splash in the water! Satisfy their thirst to learn and discover at this fab interactive exhibit.


Feathertron 3000

Foozie Hotspot: Bristol Aquarium

Location 23: Bristol Energy Hub, Waterfront, BS1 4XJ

If you don’t mind splashing the cash, dive into the big blue and see the fishes. Else, treat yourself to a ‘99 with a flake from the ice-cream van outside.

Bristol’s Own

Foozie Hotspot: Queen Square

Location 25: Queen Square, BS1 4LH

Shelter from the sun/rain under some tall trees, or play ball on the grass


Bristol In Bloom

Foozie Hotspot: Princes Pantry

Location 26: St Mary Redcliffe, BS1 6RA

This one is a little out of the way, so consider giving it a miss if you are weary. If you need to recuperate grab a butty from the famous princes pantry as you head over Princes Street Bridge


Oceans 2 – Yellow Sub

Foozie Hotspot: The M-Shed

Location 27: M Shed, BS1 4RN

Need to shelter from the sun or rain? Take some time to look around this fantastic family-friendly museum and learn something new about Bristol’s history. Its free to enter but donations are welcome.



Foozie Hotspot: Oliver’s Ice Cream

Location 28: M Shed, BS1 4RN

Cool down with some delicious home-made ice-cream. You will find it at Cargo 2 – the rank of shopping containers behind the M Shed


Alex the Lion

Foozie Hotspot: Salt and Malt

Location 29: Museum Square, BS1 4RN

Fish and Chips by a Michelin Starred Chef, with a good kids menu. Dine inside or takeaway and sit on Museum Square with a view of ‘The Matthew’.


Space Oddi Tea

Foozie Hotspot: Better Food

Location 30: Whapping Wharf, BS1 6WE

Snack supplies running low? Run out of sun cream? Pop into this fantastic ethical market.



Foozie Hotspot: Brunel’s Buttery 

Location 31: ss Great Britain, BS1 6TY

As you head towards Brunel’s great ship, consider stopping at an equally famous café for a chip butty. (Because you aren’t really a Bristolian until you have eaten here!)


A stroll through fancy part of town, including Park Street, Clifton and The Downs


Feathers McGraw

Foozie Hotspot: Brandon Hill 

Location 6: Wills Memorial Building, BS8 1RL

From here you are a short walk away from Brandon Hill and Cabot Tower. It’s a glorious park with panoramic views of Bristol, plenty of shade, and a great playpark for the kids. Plus, there is high probability of an ice-cream van near the bench area.


A Grand Gromplication

Foozie Hotspot: Bristol Museum 

Location 7: Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

A family friendly museum with a great natural history section. The café serves hot drinks, tasty cakes and light lunches. Its free to enter, but donations are welcome.


The Howl

Foozie Hotspot: The Epiphany Café 

Location 9: RWA, BS8 1PX

The café at the RWA serves hot drinks, delicious cakes and light lunches. Consider taking a look at the art at the RWA – if your kids (unlike mine) know how to keep their grubby paws to themselves, and know their Matisse from their Monet…


Feathers Macaw

Foozie Hotspot: Victoria Fountains 

Location 10: The Victoria Rooms, BS8 1SA

Time for a breather? Take a seat at the fountain’s edge, close your eyes and make a wish.


Wallace in Wonderland

Foozie Hotspot: Clifton Village Fish Bar

Location 11: The Mall Gardens, BS8 4BH

As you head to Clifton Village toward the Mall Gardens, stop to pick up some award winning some fish and chips on the way. The Mall Gardens is a lovely place to stop for a picnic. Just remember to bin your rubbish!


Light as a Feather

Foozie Hotspot: Leigh Woods

Location 13: Clifton Suspension Bridge, BS8 3PA

If the kids still have more energy to burn, take a stroll through Leigh Woods. Its dense woodland provides plenty of shelter from sun and rain. On the weekends Leigh Woods Coffee Co serve fantastic coffee and cake.


The Wensleydale Kid

Foozie Hotspot: Bar Chocolat

Location 14: BS8 3LT

End the day with a sweet treat from this family-friendly chocolate café. Their menu includes hot drinks, freshly baked pastries, locally produced cakes and an endless selection of handmade chocolates.