Yes, the headline is correct – mayonnaise ice cream!


Lets just set two things straight: 1. we love mayo. So much so that we actually have an exciting event dedicated to mayonnaise in the pipeline (join Club Foozie to be the first to know) 2. we love ice cream – like, we properly love it!




But I’ll be honest, we’re not sure what to make of this combo. I mean, the thought of licking mayonnaise doesn’t really seem right. But, we’ll save judgment until we try it. Chips (fries) dunked in milkshake works so why not mayo ice cream?




This is the brainchild of ICE Falkirk; the same people that brought Strongbow Dark Fruit cider ice cream to Scotland and Beyond. If you want to try any of their flavours then you’ll have to travel to them or find one of the Strongbow Ice Cream trucks that are making their way around the UK.



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