Netflix and chill, what dreams are made of when it’s grim outside and all you wanna do is wack on your heating and get under the blankets. Whether it’s spending time with friends and family (or to outright sloth in bed on a lazy Sunday), we know the importance of a good takeaway when it comes to binge-watching your favourite programmes. With the weather looking bleak, we’ve decided to come up with a list of food and tv show pairings to make your Netflix and chill sessions full proof. 


Stranger Things – Waffles

With a cast that’s probably better than the majority of the adult acting population, you really ought to meet the gang if you haven’t done so already. An ode to the 80s horror film, it’s a perfect throwback to get sucked into. We’d recommend a side of Eggo’s, but we’re not in the US and we’ve got something better on Deliveroo: Bubble Play Cafe. You’ll be craving waffles AND you’ll never want Stranger Things to be over — purely because you’re fangirling over 11 (or having an existential crisis over your mixed feelings towards Steve).


Watch: Stranger Things
Order: Bubble Play Cafe


Better Call Saul – Fried Chicken

What better way than getting knees deep into Better Call Saul than watching Gus Fring kick some ass with a big ol’ bucket of fried chicken? You’ll feel like you’re watching straight outta the booths of Los Pollos Hermanos.


Watch: Better Call Saul
Order: KFC


Blue Planet – Ice Cream

David Attenborough, love of our lives! The ultimate programme to watch on a lazy Sunday evening, we couldn’t think of anything better than ice cream to pair it with. Perfect to enjoy snuggled up under the blankets, it’s a full proof combo for an evening well spent cuddling the family.


Watch: Blue Planet
Order: Swoon


Breaking Bad – Pizza

Perhaps one of the most iconic scenes in Breaking Bad, we had to pair it with pizza, surely? Fun fact: hardcore fans of Breaking Bad used to (and potentially still) throw pizzas over the roof of Walter White’s house. It’s actually a real home to a couple in Albuquerque and it got so bad that director Vince Gilligan had to make a public statement asking fans to stop throwing pizzas on the roof.


Watch: Breaking Bad
Order: Pizzarova


Rick and Morty – Anything Szechuan

Whether you’re a fan or not, you’ll have heard about Rick and Morty’s Szechuan sauce palava with Mc Donald’s. Long story short, Justin Roiland (co-creator of Rick and Morty) felt nostalgic for Mc Donald’s limited Szechuan sauce (a promotional tie-in during the 1988 release of the Disney film ‘Mulan’). He decided to incorporate it in the show’s plotline which saw fans go crazy for it. Mc Donald’s saw an opportunity and promised fans that it would bring back the Szechuan sauce in a limited number of stores. Basically, Mc Donald’s couldn’t have botched this stunt any more than they did. A shit storm actually hit the US. Please see below.


On that note, if you’re a fan of Rick and Morty, ditch your hopes for McDonald’s and opt for Wongs Chinese, they’ve got a great selection of Sezchuan dishes!


Watch: Rick and Morty
Order: Wongs Chinese


Peaky Blinders – Lovett Pie

I mean, it really doesn’t get more English than Peaky Blinders so pie has got to be the best combo for this beast of a tv show! Full proof and never with a soggy bottom in sight, Lovett Pie boasts classic dishes sure to hit the spots whilst you binge watch Cillian Murphy do his thang.


Watch: Peaky Blinders
Order: Lovett Pie


Peep Show – Curry

Initially, we had chosen a platter of BBQ meat in homage to Peep Show’s Season 4 Episode 5. Jeremy accidentally kills a dog, BBQs it and later in the episode, eats it. However, for the purpose of not putting you off your Deliveroo, we opted for a good old curry with the recommendation of going for an additional 4 naans (hehe).


Watch: Peep Show
Order: 4500 Miles from Delhi


Game of Thrones – Meat Platter & Wine

Surely for a TV show as regal as Game of Thrones, the answer to food has gotta be to throw a Game of Thrones party! We reckon a platter of cured meats and a selection of wines will do the trick. Even Cersei would approve.


Doesn’t tickle your fancy? How bout a side of Little Fish Fingers?


Watch: Game of Thrones
Order: Veeno


Narcos – El Don from Asado

3 words: ¿Plata o Plomo?


Watch: Narcos
Order: Asado


People Just do Nothing – Oowee

Dirty beats and dirty burgers am I right? If these guys relocated to Bristol you’d probably find them in the vicinity of Stokes Croft getting their dose of dirty at Oowee.


Watch: People Just Do Nothing
Order: Oowee


American Vandal – Atomic Diner

Satire, the best way to spend your evenings with a Deliveroo takeaway. We love American Vandal! The storyline is ridiculous, entertaining and outright bonkers. We couldn’t think of anyone better than Atomic Diner to fit the theme. Time to get your hot dog on.


Watch: American Vandal
Order: Atomic Burger