Pizza lovers of Clifton rejoice…there’s a new pizza bad boy on the block! The Sister of the North Street Bedminster restaurant, Pizza Workshop (part two!)  has been a welcome addition to the Whiteladies neighbourhood. Advertising their new joint as ‘Same ingredients. New location’ it’s pretty self-explanatory. Referring to their somewhat minimal menu, they focus on showcasing top quality ingredients to craft fab pizza without all the faff.



Now I’ve eaten A LOT of pizza in my time. I’ve had some seriously average pizzas and some super great pizzas. After the great pizzas are the best pizzas. To make it to my Best Pizza list means it truly has to be something special.



But Pizza is pizza, right? Cheese, Tomato, fresh herbs? WRONG!! What makes a great pizza is a harmonious balance of amazing toppings and the perfect dough. Dough is something that Pizza workshop is very passionate about. Described as ‘the hybrid dough for the modern British palate.’



100% sourdough, no added yeast, risen for over 30 hours. That’s a labour of love worth waiting for right there. Believe me.



With 10 pizzas on the menu, it’s refreshing not to be bamboozled by choice. Many restaurants try too hard to please everyone (impossible) with too many sides, meats and options. I always end up feeling lost. Their mantra is One thing, Made well. Focusing all the attention on making what’s on the menu taste even better-and arguably THE BEST.



For this dinner, we opted for Deliveroo to bring the date to us. The food travelled well and arrived swiftly, and piping. The aromas quickly filled our living room and transported us to Naples. Both garlic fiends, we couldn’t wait to tuck in and try their take on garlic bread. Stretchy with deliciously charred edges, and a properly packed punch of garlic heat. Delicious.



Sounding like something from Stranger Things, rather pizza toppings, the numerical naming reflects the relaxed, uncomplicated vibe that flows throughout the restaurant. We went for a SEVEN: Fior di latte, Mascarpone, wild mushrooms, Parmesan, truffle oil, fresh thyme.  We also went for the meat feast EIGHT: Fior di latte, prosciutto cotto, salsiccia, Spanish chorizo, spicy nduja, Italian Oregano.



The SEVEN was bursting with full-bodied mushroom loveliness, the aged Parmesan salty and delicious, married well with the smooth and creamy mascarpone.



The EIGHT showcased the San Marzano tomato sauce, which is rich and full-bodied. High-quality prosciutto worked well with the smoky chorizo, the spicy nduja lifting it to the next level of taste with some heat.



Both pizzas were bursting with so much intense flavour, we couldn’t wait to get started on another slice! High-quality herbs, meat and cheese elevate these pizzas to the next level. The flavours were balanced and you could taste each ingredient, never sickly,  devilishly moreish. In my opinion, the dough is worth all the hype-its stretchy yet crispy, charred and awesome.



Pizza workshop was brave taking on the Whiteladies Road Italian kings: Bosco, but so far they’re proving to be a more than worthy opponent. Give them a whirl and see if they replace any favourites on your own Bristol Best list…