Sunday Roasts are a big movement in Bristol, so much so that, you need to normally book well in advance if you are  planning to nab a spot at one of the many great pubs and restaurant that there are to choose from.



Whilst Wellbourne might not be one of the first establishments that springs to mind when pondering where to eat your Sunday dinner, we definitely think it deserves a spot in the running. Why? Well, read on.



I visited Wellbourne a few Sundays ago. I’ve eaten at Wellbourne before, some months ago for a Wiper & True pairing dinner and I had also popped in when they first opened, to try their now famous Vol-au-vents (they are the ACTUAL tits).



I think some people could come to a conclusion about Wellbourne before even visiting, considering it’s location – in Clifton. Some may assume it may be a bit ‘stuffy’ or pretentious, and I can categorically say that the team here are all some of the friendliest people I have met in the hospitality industry and Wellbourne restaurant is perfectly relaxed and casual.



We started off with a glass of fizz (yes please) and the always amazing vol-au-vents. Honestly, these little parcels of intense flavour are ridiculously addictive, not to mention utterly delicious. We enjoyed Ox cheek, salt cod and mushroom girolles and it was so lovely to not feel rushed and enjoy these gorgeous little pre-lunch nibbles. Genuinely, we could’ve eaten a truck load of those Vav’s.



For the main event, my better half went all out with the 50 day dry aged beef, and I decided to go with the mushroom wellington. I am not a vegetarian, but this option sounded more appealing to me on the day (and I knew I could steal some beef from my man’s plate, but obviously didn’t say that at the time).



The Sunday roast here comes with all of the trimmings, Yorkshire puddings, crispy roasties, cauliflower cheese, purple sprouting broccoli and carrots. The portions do NOT disappoint, there’s a generous amount of vegetables and a decent amount of meat, whilst my wellington was more than enough.



Wellbourne have a large selection of fantastic wines both by the bottle and the glass, and the staff are always more than happy to pair some plonk to your meal for you. Obviously if you like what you like, go for it, but I enjoyed a delicious Pinot Noir recommended to me by Dan, the front of house.



My boyfriend said his dry aged beef was easily the best he had ever eaten, full stop. I managed to try a nibble and he was right; it was soft, pink, properly seasoned and flavoursome. My mushroom wellington arrived looking like a perfect parcel, and once I cracked through the pastry, I was met with wonderful rich and intense flavours. The yorkies were big, and the roasties were absolutely spot on – crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, just perfection (we all know how important it is to have great roasties). You could tell all of the vegetables were fresh as they were vibrant and alive in colour and crunchy, whilst the cauliflower cheese was something else entirely. We nearly had a fight over who was getting more, as it was just so delicious.



After feeling extremely satisfied with our roasts, we opted for pudding (it is £20 for the Sunday roast and dessert at Wellbourne) and these were also just dreamy. we ordered bang in season Yorkshire rhubarb with milk curds, chrysanthemum & plum kernel oil and also Vanilla parfait with oat biscuit and pumpkin seeds. These were easily the most delicious desserts I’d seen in a while (almost too pretty to eat!) and they were the wonderful end to a fantastic Sunday lunch.



Wellbourne feels like a real treat, and this is the perfect Roast Dinner option for when perhaps you (or your mates) don’t want to go to a pub. It’s also a fantastic choice for couples, or for when mum and dad come to visit – you can’t help but be impressed. Not once did we feel rushed whilst we enjoyed our dinner (and we were there for a good 2-3 hours) and that’s what Sundays are all about right? Eating good food, drinking good wine and relaxing. £20 is incredible value for the portion size plus a dessert but mainly for the quality of the roast you receive.


So next time you are debating where to enjoy Sunday lunch, why not give the team at Wellbourne a go?