One of the most anticipated openings of 2018 to join the Bristol cocktail scene has arrived. Arguably the most Instagrammable bar to hit Park street, it is warmly welcomed on the hill that crawls down from the Clifton triangle to the city centre, which has recently been hit with a number of disappointing restaurant closures. It raises the area’s profile next to brilliant independents such as Friska, Pinkman’s Bakery and the fantastic Swoon gelato and Mr. Pott’s Chocolate House at the bottom of the street.


The extravagantly feminine sister to The Botanist, The Florist brings a staggeringly strong theme to the world of Bristol bars. Taking over the former Goldbrick House it is now three storeys of different levels positively dripping in an abundance of flowers. Artificial flowers or not, the effect is special and enough to make you start to question the saying ‘less is more’. Here at Florist, ‘more is more’ has undoubtedly been channelled and it completely works. On entering the front door friendly staff in beautiful aprons welcomed us with enthusiastic smiles before asking us where we’d like to have a drink. ‘Would you like to sit in the neon bar guys?’. Yes, please do show me the neon bar in all its floral glory!

Said bar is a cosy space on the first floor with an elegant marble counter, an open log fire and dinky marble tables are dotted around surrounded by pale pink chairs. Its pastel interior and tall windows flooding the space with natural light is enough to make even the most minimal Instagrammer reach for their phone. You can’t help but gauge how clever this space is. The marketing will primarily be done by guests as every flower-adorned wall and neon quote is just begging to be shared, and boy do we comply! We eagerly studied the extensive menus, half ordering from the beautifully designed cocktail menu while the others delve into the extensive ‘Anthology of Ales’. The interior may be subject to taste but the drinks menu has something for everyone.


One thing I think is important to bring up whilst writing about Florist are the prices. As we were being given a tour of this fragrant, feminine paradise I could quite literally hear my boyfriends’ inside voice shouting ‘Shit, how much is a pint going to be here!?’ as I was happily trotting ahead in excitement after our host. Rest assured everyone, it’s really reasonably priced for cocktails and doesn’t come with the London price tag. £7.25 was the cost of my first of many, an Elderflower and Lychee Daiquiri. It was deliciously sweet with a fragrant aftertaste and garnished with edible flowers and Rosemary pegged to the side. Not bad considering the obvious amount of craft and thought that goes into these beautiful works of art.


After an evening happily sipping, snapping and sampling our way through the GREAT cocktail list we left in a fragrant, slightly worse for wear bubble, whilst discussing which cocktails we’d attempt to remake at home. Realistically, I won’t be recreating any but instead I will be definitely skipping back to Florist for more florist magic as realistically I’m not going to go shopping for pretty edible flower garnishes for my homemade tipple. This isn’t a two for one, happy hour, watered down, BOGOF, gaudy cocktail bar. It’s for cocktails that are elegant, delicious and made with thought and care.


There’s certainly a time and place for Florist in Bristol and never have I felt a venue scream ‘cocktails with the girls on a Saturday night’ more. It made me want to run home, trade my dungarees for my most glamorous outfit, wear heels that I haven’t worn in years and dig out my brightest lipstick. I shall be much more prepared for my return trip, with my glam girl clique in tow.