You may or may not know this, but two of Bristol’s most well known and loved chefs have a bond that goes way back.


Peter Sanchez (who has been voted the number 1 chef in the country – no big deal) and Josh Eggleton (awarded number 2 gastropub in the country with The Pony & Trap recently) have been friends for years and used to cause much mischief whilst they were growing up, and have remained close. Now, they are both creating their own restaurant empires within Bristol, and are set to take on their toughest challenge yet outside of the kitchen, with their upcoming trek in Nepal to raise money for Action Against Hunger, amongst a slew of top Bristol chefs and food names.


Tomorrow sees one of the most exciting events to happen in Bristol in recent months, when these two team up in the kitchen together to serve an epic 8 course menu of some of their classic signature dishes. We decided to sit down with the two of them for a Foozie chat…


Pete Sanchez & Josh Eggleton



Not many people may know this, but you two actually go back quite a long way, yet this is the first time you’ve ever cooked with each other – how are you feeling about being in the kitchen together?


Pete: Last time we actually cooked together was round his house in his kitchen so its nice we get to do this for diners for the first time!


Josh: Yeah! I’ve known him all my life, we grew up in Whitchurch together, we’ve shared a bed several times. If you’ve shared a bed a kitchen is no biggie! Well.. but, actually, we’re chefs, so maybe sharing a kitchen is more intimate and therefore harder than sharing a bed!

This fantastic event is all about helping to raise funds for your Nepal trek and Action Against Hunger. How is the training going? When are we going to see some Pen y Fan climbing videos like Dom’s from Pasta Loco?!


Pete: Brilliant so far I’ve managed to clock a 50 mile walk straight….. erm no not really. My training is not going great. Just put me at the bottom of a mountain and I’ll walk it. I’m mentally prepared for anything.



It’s safe to say that you have both created amazing dining experiences for the people of Bristol with your separate different restaurants, what do you admire about each other?


Pete: I admire the fact that he’s always there to help me when I need it – he’ll always try to help if you ask him, that’s a hard commitment to make. He’s always pushing to put Bristol on the map and getting people to the city to eat. Ultimately he’s an amazing chef and balances his businesses brilliantly.


Josh: Really it’s his attention to detail and commitment to getting it right. From day one he knew what he wantd to do and he did it.

You are obviously both incredibly busy in the kitchen and creating some of the best food in the country (congrats on recent awards guys), but do you ever get the time to head out for a casual bite? If so, where would you go for a quick lunch in Bristol?


Pete: Hart’s Bakery is my number one.


Josh: I make an effort to get out as much as possible actually, well, not as much these days with a 16 week old babber. I love Bar Buvette. Oh, but lunch.. Woky Ko is great. Or Emmeline – my mate Shona’s caf – for a cheese toastie.

You two have been friends for a long time. Are there any funny stories of messy nights out that you are willing to share?! (Please feel free to embarrass one another).


Pete: *Reads Josh’s answer and laughs* yeah, that was a heavy night…


Josh: [he is giggling – tells a story about when he and Pete were best men together then laughingly says that we can’t cant possibly post that ‘the readers of Foozie shouldn’t know if the groom doesn’t’]. There’s nothing I can say, it’s all too bad.


Quick Fire Round


Your go to hangover cure?

Pete: Fresh juice

Josh: Bloody Mary. with Manzinilla sherry in (salty!) Oh, and 2 aspirins floating on top.

Chef who inspires you?

Pete: Josh

Josh: Pete

(how cute are these two?!)

Ingredient you could never give up?

Pete: Pepper

Josh: Salt

Artist you listen to in the kitchen?

Pete: Kanye

Josh: The Strokes

Strangest thing that’s happened in one of your restaurants?

Pete: People trying to eat what the food is presented on i.e bark and cinnamon sticks….

Josh: A man who came for dinner at the Pony told me (rather insistently) that my red wine sauce was not a red wine sauce ’cause it wasn’t red.


Keep an eye on our Foozie social media channels tomorrow for live videos and Instagram stories and photos from the event. To take a look at the tantalising menu, click here.