If you think a £1.50 egg from Tesco will suffice this year for your other half, mate or sibling? Think again! These next level Easter Eggs will make your mouth water but also your purse strings HURT, I guess it depends on how much you love chocolate…


The Classic Ostrich Egg from Hotel Chocolat


This beast looks like an actual Ostrich egg… ridges and all! One half is made from 50% milk chocolate whilst the other is 40% dark chocolate, this thick egg is bound to make you both full and feel sick, especially when the price tag comes in at £80! That’s a night out right?!



Betty’s Imperial Easter Egg


Did someone say 5 KILOS of chocolate?! Because that’s exactly what this bad boy is… hand made and hand delivered, it better taste good, because it costs.. £250.



The Colossal Egg from Fortnum & Mason


This beauty of an Easter egg contains five types of chocolate; milk chocolate and salted honeycomb, dark chocolate orange, a rich and silky smooth ultimate milk chocolate course, then a unique white chocolate, strawberry and black pepper egg and finally the dark chocolate infused mint egg. Good job it’ll only set you back £90.



The Classic Lindt Gold Bunny


Because is it even Easter if we haven’t seen one of these bunnies somewhere? We can’t deny, Lindt chocolate is the tits. This one comes in slightly cheaper at £40, but scroll down to see our suggested alternative if you want more money for booze.

Giant Chocolate Bunny from Aldi


Aldi have pulled it out of the bag guys, for just £3.99 you can enjoy 450g of nothing but pure milk chocolate, and your bunny is decorated to look super cute as well. It’s the most choccie you’ll be able to enjoy under a fiver.