Bringing you interviews that shine light on the wonderful people behind some of the best restaurants in Bristol, the Pass it On Series look at their stories catching glimpses of their unique personalities. We interview them, and we let them pick who we feature next! Our last chat was with Jan of Wilsons, who then nominated Verity and Charlie from Oowee Diner as our next interviewee. So… let’s get cracking!

Verity & Charlie! Hello! First things first, have you got anything to say to Jan from Wilson’s for passing this interview onto you guys…


Thank you Jan! It was nice to see you the the other day.

So, how’s it all going at North Street?


Really well, the response we have had has been great and we love being in Bedminster. It’s really nice for us that our customers are able to sit in and eat too, obviously we haven’t got that at Picton Street and it’s a great vibe.


So you guys are known for your deliciously dirty burgers – but if you had to choose one favourite from the menu, what would it be?


V: The Double Dirty
C: Plain extra cheesy (Picton Street exclusive that Charlie likes to create for himself)


Where do you get your inspiration for your burgers from?


We get a lot of our inspiration, honestly from our love of junk food. We don’t claim to eat heathily (we do where we can but it never really lasts) but we love McDonalds and wanted to create dirty burgers whilst still using quality ingredients. For example, our beef comes from Buxton Butchers which is local to Bristol. We love the filth but we’ve got great produce behind it.


Where do you like to eat burgers in Bristol apart from Oowee?


We love Asado. Lucien is inspirational and we love his food.


What is the best burger you’ve ever eaten?


V: A single cheeseburger from McDonald’s with extra cheese and onions (no relish).

C: ShakeShack Double Shack burger.


Stepping away from all things burger related, where do you like to eat in Bristol for a treat or a special occasion?


We love Wilsons. Jan is one of our really good friends and a fucking legend. We really enjoy his food. We also massively enjoy eating at Wilks and Paco Tapas.


You’ve got 24 hours in Bristol, where do you go?


Brunch: Brunel Buttery because we can take our crazy dog with us (AKA Harper, AKA piddle pants)

Lunch: If we are not ordering from Deliveroo – then Matina

Dinner: Wilsons

Drinks: Edit

Where do team Oowee like to go drinking?


We like Edit because of the vibes in there from the DJs and great cocktails.


Lastly, who would you like to pass this interview onto next!?

Lucien from Asado.