Going off on holiday this summer and don’t want to keep swimming to the side of the pool to take a sip of your lovely beverage? Maybe you’ve got a fun-filled weekend away planned including some hot tub action? Shit, you might have just even brought a cheap paddling pool from Asda for the back garden! But, one thing is for sure, when the sun comes out, the drinks do too!



Now, you never have to worry about your drink spilling into the pool or having to leave it on the side ever again because these new floating wine glasses come with a baseless bottom, meaning they will bob along in the water next to you!



The glasses are made of plastic, so there is no fear of breaking them when dropping them and they come in a whole range of colours – perfect for a pool party!



They aren’t just made for water however, oh no! Stick them in the soil of your garden to keep them upright, balance them in the sand at the beach and even pop it in your back pocket (remember it’s there mind!) this floating bad boy is the only accessory you need this summer!



Grab yours from The Beach Glass here!