January is pretty bleak at the best of times right? We feel fat, depressed and not to mention, skint. But 2018 seems to be coming on particularly harsh due to the abundance of storms and bad weather we’ve been subject too. Roll on Spring! In the meantime, why not warm yourself up with one of these hot and spicy dishes from some of Bristol’s restaurants that aren’t afraid to bring the heat!


1. Jerk Chicken from Rice & Things

Address: 120 Cheltenham Road, Bristol BS6


Have you really had proper jerk chicken in Bristol if you haven’t sampled it from these guys? Seriously spicy goodness! Like, seriously.


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2. Slow cooked Beef Madras from Nutmeg

Address: 10 The Mall, Bristol BS8 


Not only does this dish feel extremely hearty due to the slow-cooked beef, it also packs a wallop with a nice kicking of spice at the end of each mouthful.


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3. Lamb Keema from Spice Up Your Life

Address: 7 The Exchange Avenue, St. Nicholas Market


This Indian street food trader serves a mean Lamb Keema dish; lamb mince mixed with aromatic herbs and spices, but just make sure you also buy a bottle of water, because it packs a punch!


4. #5 Hotpot from Chilli Daddy

Address: 45-47 Baldwin Street, Bristol


If you know about ordering a number 5 at Chilli Daddy, you just know. The hottest on their scale from 1-5, their hotpots at this level of spice are only for the brave.



5. Curried Goat from Caribbean Croft

Address: 30 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 


OK, so admittedly not as hot as the Jerk from Rice & Things but the Curried Goat from Caribbean Croft is seductively spicy and rich; a real warming hug of a dish.



6. ‘The Bristol Blaster’ from The Stables

Address: Waterfront, Canons Road, Bristol


Ever had a Naga Chilli? Blow your head off with this speciality pizza which includes spicy chopped pork marinaded in a special Naga chilli harissa, field mushrooms, red onion, basil leaves, tomato and mozzarella. Good luck to you.


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7. Jungle Curry from Koh Thai Tapas

Address: 7-9 The Triangle, Bristol 


The menu warns you it’s VERY hot, but you’re still going to go for it right?! A fragrant, fiery and thin sauce made with herbs, green peppercorns and sliced red chillies. You then add your own choice of meat or vegetables, if you can taste at this point.



8. Penang chicken from Niangs Thai Street Food

Address: Various Bristol Street Food Markets 


Deliciously spicy and packed with flavour is the gloriousy soul warming Penang chicken curry from Niangs. Want it spicier? Let the lovely folk know as it can be arranged!


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9. Vindaloo from The Raj

Address: 35 King Street, Bristol 


The Raj warns it’s customers on the menu that their vindaloo is not for the faint hearted; word on the street from one of our close friends is that this bad boy wiped out a bloke who ate it for 2 days! So, would you try it?


10. The ‘Fallout’ Burger challenge from Atomic Burger

Address: 189 Gloucester Road, Bristol 


For all you nutters out there, the Fallout Burger challenge from Atomic Burger is insane. It’s a¬†triple Stacked Burger with¬†USA Cheese, plentiful¬†Jalapenos and¬†Fallout Sauce which equates to 1‚Äô000‚Äô000 Scoville Units (VERY HOT). Plus a triple portion¬†of spicy sci-fries. Has anyone completed it? We’d like to shake their hand.


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