OK, so you need to take a trip down the road to Weston for this one, but trust me when I say, it’s completely worth it.



7 Bone Burger Co. has various different sites dotted across the U.K – I’ve been drooling over their food porn Instagram for a long time now, so when I found out they were setting up shop in Weston-super-Mare, I had one thought: jackpot. I actually screamed with joy. They opened at the end of April, without much fanfare, and I knew straight away we’d need to pay them a visit.



Situated smack bang in the middle of Weston’s city centre, the restaurant is large, with an open kitchen at the back, a casual bar area to the left hand side and tables to the right, with some big impressive booths for larger groups. There were four of us and we were ready to demolish some serious food, so we got comfortable in our booth and started to get excited over the menu.



HOLY BAPS. The menu. It’s like a freakin’ dream. There’s tater tots, hot dogs, banging burgers, sarnies, dirty sides and shakes. If you want to get a feast on, this is where you come.



We knew we had to try as much as possible, so our ordered ended up reading something like this… four rounds of tater tots, three big chicken burgers, two triple b burgers (with extra patties), poutine, dirty fries, bacon cheese fries, chunky halloumi fries and two rounds of truffle mac ‘n’ cheese. Please bear in mind, I had two burly blokes with me who are machines when it comes to eating.



It’s worth mentioning that 7 Bone also do a fantastic red basket meal deal, in which you can get a main and a dirty side for £11.95 or a main and a regular side for £10.45. The portions definitely aren’t shy and it’s a bargain for what you get.



I had wondered to myself when stalking 7 Bone’s Instagram whether the food was going to taste as delicious as it looked in photos. Luckily for all of us, we were in food heaven.



So, the burgers. The ‘One Big Chicken’ is made up of buttermilk fried chicken, hash brown, cheese, chipotle ketchup, HP sauce and mayonnaise. The ‘Triple B’ was an aged beef patty, bacon, blue cheese, bacon jam and truffle blue cheese dressing. I had the chicken; it was crispy and crunchy, with the bird itself being moist and tender. I’m always a fan of a cheeky hash brown in a burger and the chipotle ketchup added just the right amount of spice for me. In short, it was decent. The beef burgers were for the lads but they seemed just as impressed, commenting it might have been one of the best burger they’d eaten for a while. The beef patty was pink and juicy on the inside too. These burgers are STACKED. 7 Bone aren’t messing about when it comes to big and filthy. Which is why the red basket deal is such good value for money.



Other highlights included the poutine, which was insanely delicious. The fries come with a pot of gravy and meat that you pour yourself, and it was just wonderful. If you are a moist chips fan, then you have to order these! The dirty fries are filthy and not shy of toppings, with hefty portions being dished out. If you are a fan of 7 Bone already and follow them on socials, ask for the special secret menu items! We got the bacon and cheese fries which were loaded and the more we ate the more we realised there was a load of cheese sauce at the bottom, perfect for dipping!



The stand out side dish absolutely has to be the 7 Bone truffle mac ‘n’ cheese. It was outrageously filthy, but tasted so amazing. It was really creamy and cheesy, with a crisp coat on top to break through before getting the gooey goodness. The truffle oil was subtle but added real flavour, and although we couldn’t finish it, my boyfriend took it home to eat for breakfast the next day. It’s THAT good. (Don’t hate, we’ve all done it).



We finished up with some thick hard shakes (because there’s always a little more room right?) to take home and were all suitably in a serious food coma. However, everyone was in agreement that 7 Bone was delicious. It looks great, the food comes out stacked and the burgers are well put together (none of that falling apart business), the meal deal is incredibly reasonable and there was a nice vibe in the restaurant. There are a nice selection of local beers available as well as the usual suspects which I thought was a nice touch.



Whether it’s a hangover that needs feeding, a night out for some food with your friends or you just flipping love burgers – then you need to take a trip to 7 Bone.